Beautiful Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride

Indian weddings are grandiose events, and the bride needs to choose her attire with as much care as any other detail. The saree is an integral part of Indian culture, and it's not just for the elderly – trendy brides want to wear them too! Here we look at some popular wedding bridal saree styles and colors that will suit your taste and personality.

Tips to select Wedding Bridal Sarees

  • ● Body Shape: The first step is to understand your body type and choose a saree accordingly. The biggest mistake most Indian brides make in their wedding day attire is choosing the wrong style of dress for themselves! You must know what will look good on you when it comes time to pick out that perfect outfit for such an unforgettable event.

  • ● Select the Color: Pinks and reds are perfect for a traditional Indian look. There is nothing more classic than the deep, rich colors associated with luxury sarees. Make sure to find one that complements your skin tone, and you'll be ready to take up an entire dance floor! If you want something slightly different but still in this color scheme, beige and yellow is great option.

  • ● Consider The Fabric: A high-quality saree needs a strong base fabric. Silk is the most common material used for Indian wedding dresses because it falls beautifully and can be embroidered to create an intricate pattern.

  • ● Theme of The Wedding: Sarees are available in an enormous range of colors and styles. The fabric is chosen according to the season, theme, or color scheme of the wedding day. This means that brides should consider what colors will work best with their dress, flowers, venue, etc. when choosing a saree for their big day!

Bridal Saree Collection for Indian Bride

  • ● Kanjivaram Traditional Sarees: These bridal sarees are known for their intricate designs, colors, and embellishments. You get to explore handpicked bridal saree collection to suit the western wedding dresses worn by brides in India today. The sarees are made from silk or cotton, which makes them perfect wear at any time of year.

  • ● The Paithani Traditional Sarees: These are known for being elegant and royal. They have been worn by Indian brides from the time of Mahabharata, 2000 years ago. The modern-day Paithani sarees are inspired by the great deeds, valor, and bravery of those times. The brides wear these heavy fabrics to express their respect for this pious culture.

  • ● Bridal Banarasi sarees: The traditional wedding attire of Indian brides, Bridal Banarasi sarees are the finest form of silk that can be found. The Banaras region is known for its unique weaving styles and motifs which have become synonymous with India's rich cultural heritage. There are several different types of fabrics used in making these gorgeous gowns, including "Kanjivaram, Mysore silk, and Tussar".

  • ● Patan Patola Traditional Sarees: Patan Patola is a type of silk fabric woven by hand. It comes from the city of Dhariwal, in Punjab that is near to Rajasthan and Haryana border. The sarees are decorated with ikat weave patterns using natural dyes extracted from plants like indigo, moringa oil, etc., which gives them a beautiful sheen and long life.

  • ● Bandhani Sarees: Bandhani is a traditional Rajasthani craft where the threads are tied and dyed before being woven. Bandhani sarees have been traditionally used by women from royal families to adorn themselves on special occasions like weddings, festivals, etc., but today they have become an integral part of Indian bridal wear due to their beauty and finesse.

  • ● Muga Silk Sarees: Muga bridal silk sarees are known for their gold-like sheen and luster. The yarns of these handwoven, pure mulberry bridal silk sarees are used to weave the body, while golden threads are woven in pallu (the part draped over the shoulder), which give it a shimmering bridal look in saree when light falls on them.

Designer Sarees for Indian Wedding

  • ● The Classic Saree Drape: The Saree drape that has become the standard style for Indian brides is known as A-Line or Patiala Style. The front of this saree falls straight while the back dips in a point, giving it an arrow-like shape that curves at the bottom to form pleats called 'pallu.' Design a stylish blouse for this drape to take the bridal look in saree a notch higher.

  • ● The Double Pallu Saree Drape: The Double-Pallu or Pashmina Saree drape is preferred by most brides, and it has a unique style. It looks beautiful when draped in the Patiala Style with an added layer over the pleats called 'pashmina,' which gives more volume to the saree. In the case of double pallu sarees, the front of the saree falls in two layers, one on each side.

  • ● The Banjaran Saree Drape: The Banjaran style is an offshoot of the Double-Pallu drape in which folds are created with extra pleats called 'banjara' (which means nomads), giving it a very royal appearance. The Banjaran Saree is not only preferred by brides but also used as a formal saree for women in India.

  • ● The Gujarati Saree Drape: The Gujarati Saree drape is a combination of single and double pallu sarees. It has three layers in front, two on each side and one at the back giving it more volume than other types of saree drapes.

  • Accessories that go with Bridal Look in Sarees

  • ● Bangels: The most important accessory for brides is bangles. These are usually studded with pearls or diamonds and can be of different shapes like Kada, churis, maang tikkas, etc., which give them a unique look.

  • ● Jhumkas: Bridal jhumkas are another popular accessory that goes with Indian wedding sarees. They are usually studded with gems or diamonds and have a very ornate design on them, making them look beautiful when paired up with other jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, etc.,

  • ● Kamarband: The second most important accessory for brides is the kamarband. It goes around the waist with beautiful embellishment on it, giving the saree an elegant look

  • ● Payal: Payal is the ankle jewelry that completes the bridal look for Indian weddings. They can be in gold, silver, or any other metal, depending on your choice and preference.

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