How to Select Sarees for a Wedding?

When a woman walks the aisle draping the nine-yard beauty, she will definitely make some heads turn. Whether it is your grandmother or mother, they will have their treasured bridal sarees that they cherish. When it comes to choosing wedding sarees for the bride, there are so many factors that come into play. Here we are helping you find the best sarees for a wedding.

Tips to Select your Saree for a Wedding

There are a plethora of designer sarees for weddings, and selecting one from them is not an easy task. Below are some tips that will help you filter through the latest wedding sarees collection and choose your perfect saree for the wedding.


Designer Sarees for a Wedding

Following are the types of wedding sarees for the bride:

  • Kanjivaram Saree: It is the most exquisite bridal saree that you can choose. Each Kanjivaram saree has a vibrant and rich design and pattern. Designed in silver or gold thread work, these marriage sarees are truly an investment when paired with the right blouse design.

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees: You cannot go wrong with a Banarasi saree for a wedding. These sarees have elegant silver and gold brocade designs that are inspired by the Mughal era. If you are looking for silk sarees for a wedding, you must select the Banarasi silk saree.

  • Bandhani Traditional Sarees: Bandhani sarees can be a gorgeous part of your wedding saree collection. These sarees involve a tie-and-dye design, which is done with various color combinations. These traditional sarees are majorly seen in Gujarati weddings.

  • White Christian Bridal Sarees: If you are looking for a white saree for a wedding, there are Christian wedding sarees. This modern white bridal saree includes a thread and lace design featuring sequins. These sarees come in various textured and embroidery work.

  • Wedding Pattu Sarees: Our list of bridal saree collections will be incomplete without mentioning Pattu sarees. These sarees originated from Kerala and are pure works of art. The simple design allures many South Indian brides.


Select the Right Color

Along with choosing the right kind of sarees for a wedding, it is equally important to choose the right color. Generally, women stick to investing in a red bridal saree, but some opt for other unconventional colors. Pink, green, red, and yellow saree for weddings are also considered auspicious. Eventually, make sure that your bridal saree and designer blouse for marriage complement each other and your body.


Invest in Bridal Sarees that Complements Your Silhouette

Every woman wishes to look her best on her wedding day. So it would be best if you chose designer sarees for a wedding that matches your silhouette. When exploring the latest wedding sarees collection, pay close attention to designs. If you wish to look slimmer on your wedding day, go for small checks and designs instead of big ones.


The Fabric of Bridal Silk Sarees

You must pay attention to the fabric of your bridal sarees. Some silk materials are easy to drape, and others are not. When you get your trial done, note how easily the saree is getting pleated.


The Theme of the Wedding

If your wedding has a particular theme, then the marriage saree design should complement the theme. If your wedding saree clashes with the theme, your wedding photos will not come out as expected.


Accessories that Go with your Wedding Look

Whether it is kanjivaram sarees for a wedding, nauvari saree for a wedding, or any other kind of traditional sarees for a wedding, your look is incomplete without the right accessories. Following are some beautiful accessories to match your sarees for your wedding:

  • Fancy Blouse: Whether it is sarees for an Indian wedding or reception sarees for the bride, you need to pay special attention to the blouse. Choose beautiful wedding saree blouse designs to complement your elegant bridal saree design.

  • Bindi: Your bridal look is incomplete without donning a red bindi on your forehead. This is especially true if you are having a Hindu wedding and opted for a red wedding saree or golden saree for the wedding.

  • Jhumkas: Jhumkas are among the best accessories for bridal sarees. Along with choosing designer sarees for a wedding, you have to look for jhumkas as well.

  • Footwear: Traditional looks mean you have to choose ethnic footwear. If you are wearing a saree, you need to wear heels as they will give you a beautiful posture. You can pair sarees for a wedding with any heels, but open-toe heels look the best.

  • Kamar Band: Kamar band or waist chain goes with all kinds of sarees including Kanjivaram sarees for a bride, Bengali wedding saree, Nauvari saree for a bride, and Marathi wedding saree. You can get these chains in gold and silver with different kinds of work on them.

  • Payal: Payal is an accessory that a bride cannot miss out. A pair of payal would perfectly complement designer sarees for a wedding.


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