How to Slay Sarees at Work?


There was a time when office attire was restricted to a disciplinary style that did not allow any fashionable look. But gone are those days, and modern women have achieved the freedom to dress as they desire, within a ‘dress code.’ This code merely states that the office attire should be decent, which gives a lot of scopes for women to experiment with their style.

Sarees have been an integral part of our culture. But for a long time, people knew only about festive wear sarees, party wear sarees, or regular sarees. While these are essential sarees for every woman's wardrobe, sarees have grown and reached a formal environment. There is an emerging trend of formal sarees that women are enjoying.

But styling a saree in the office is not the same as wearing it on other occasions. Office wear sarees are stylish and follow the dress code guidelines of a formal setting. If you are looking to embed formal sarees in your professional wardrobe, this article is ideal for you. Here we help style office sarees, choose the right formal saree for the office, and create a stylish office saree look.

Tips to Wear Formal Sarees for Office

When it comes to styling office sarees, you have to take a smart approach. Here are some effective tips for creating a perfect office saree look:

1. Choose Subtle Colors

The color of your workplace attire should reflect your focus on your work. This is why professionals tend to go for mellow colors, earthy shades, and pastel hues. These colors enrich the environment without calling too much attention to the person. Vibrant colors with bold prints and patterns are something you must avoid in office wear sarees.

2. The Blouse Makes a Difference

Sarees and blouses go together, so the blouse you choose for a formal saree should complement it well. While the same color as the office wear sarees is the best choice, you can also go for a soft color blouse that contracts but still matches. Considering that you are creating an office saree look, ensure that the blouse is comfortable and not revealing. Additionally, avoid going for embroidery designer blouses as they tend to draw attention to the wearer.

Collar necks, boat necks, and long sleeves are popular blouse designs that go well with formal sarees. Here are some things that you should consider when deciding on the blouse of your formal sarees:

  • ● The blouse design should be sober and covered.
  • ● The neckline must not be too deep as it looks unethical.
  • ● Ensure that the blouse fits perfectly and is not too loose or too tight.
  • ● Avoid wearing a lace blouse or transparent net blouse with office sarees.

3. Design of the Office Wear Sarees

When it comes to styling formal sarees, medium-size prints work best. You can never go wrong with geometric, floral, or abstract design informal settings. Additionally, these designs also make you appear slimmer than you are. Some prefer simple plain sarees online with contrasting yet simple borders. The saree embroidery design is something that you want to avoid when creating an office saree look.

4. Fabric For Your Formal Sarees

A plain cotton saree or cotton printed saree is the most popular fabric for a formal setting. For your day-to-day wear, plain silk saree, floral print saree, plain georgette saree, dupion silk saree, chiffon saree, etc., can be great. Rayon is a fabric, which is quite popular in formal sarees. Here are some suggestions of formal sarees fabrics and why they are popular:

  • Cotton sarees: The richness of this fabric reflects royalty, making it ideal for a formal setting. Office wear cotton sarees also make you appear more mature and confident.
  • Khadi sarees: Khadi is a symbol of freedom and is handwoven. Khadi sarees look subtle and elegant and have a modest design to suit a formal look.
  • Woven Linen Sarees: If your work involves a lot of movement, then a woven linen saree is perfect to create a formal saree look for the office.
  • Georgette Sarees: While georgette sarees generally feature bold prints, you can also find subtle prints and patterns for formal sarees. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable for working long hours.
  • Crepe Silk Sarees: This is a lightweight fabric that works great for formal sarees. It has a silky texture and comes in alluring but subtle patterns.

5. Keep the Makeup Simple

You have to maintain certain decorum at the office; glittery highlights and bold eye makeup are not suitable for the setting. Formal sarees should be complemented with subtle makeup.

6. A Simple Hairstyle

Going into the office in a formal saree and messy hair will create a bad impression. Keep the hair clean and style it neatly to create an edgy office saree look . Sleek hair buns, fine ponytails, well-braided hair, etc., are some of the styles that look chic with formal sarees .

Accessories That Go With Office Look

Your formal saree look for an office is incomplete with proper accessories. But for formal sarees, you have to choose the accessories smartly. You do not want to go overboard with your accessories; instead, the trick is to create the right balance. If you are going for a statement earring, then avoid the necklace altogether.

Additionally, you should completely avoid anything glittery for your office. You can opt for natural stone jewellery or oxidized silver jewellery. Pearls also go well with chiffon and silk office sarees. You can adorn terracotta and wooden jewellery with your handloom sarees

Lastly, make sure that you do not forget your watch to complete your formal saree look for the office. Opt for good watches with silver, black and gold straps. It will give you the option to pair a watch with any saree.

The Bottom Line

Sarees are not limited to traditional and festive events. Formal sarees can make you look professional as well as stylish. They can be an attractive outfit for your work as long as you style them right. Now when you gift sarees to your loved ones, you can choose formal sarees as well.