Must Have Blouses for a Complete Saree Look

There can never be too many blouses in your wardrobe. There are times when people get blouses done and then choose a saree for that blouse. Having a variety of blouses can be a savior in times when you have sudden parties and weddings to attend. It would be best if you always looked for the latest blouse designs as your blouse can entirely change the look of the saree. And every year we see so many new saree blouse designs that you can never be out of options

Tips to Select Blouse for Your Saree

There are so many saree blouse designs out there that it can be overwhelming to choose which one to try. But here are some helpful tips that will help you to choose a new blouse design for your saree:

  • ● Blend It With The Saree: If you have a printed saree and want to pair it with a printed blouse, it could be a style disaster. This combination can only work when you match the design on the saree with the blouse piece. Generally, the rule is that if the saree is printed, the blouse should be plain and vice versa. You cannot mix prints and embroideries unless both the materials have the same color range and motifs.

  • ● Go With the Occasion: Choosing the right saree blouse can elevate the whole look. In fact, you can take a basic plain saree and transform it into something glamorous with a designer blouse. But make sure that the latest blouse designs you choose must suit the occasion. For instance, you should opt for a simple blouse back design for formal sarees instead of a designer blouse design.

  • ● Neck Designs: There are so many neck designs to choose from that include boat neck designing blouse, high neck, halter neck, and peter pan collar neck. While the abundance of options can be perplexing, you should opt for the neck designs you are comfortable with.

  • ● Choose What Looks Flattery On You: Not all the latest blouse designs may look flattering on you. Some might look better than others, and you have to find out what looks good on you. If you want to accentuate your curves and figure, opt for a crop top or bandeau blouse. However, if you wish to draw the attention away from your stomach, choose a peplum blouse.

  • ● The Right Back Design: From the keyhole back design to the backless blouse, there are myriad options in terms of back design in the blouse. Which saree blouse designs should you choose? You have to experiment with different back designs and choose the one that works the best for you. Look through different saree blouse designs, and you will find something that you like.

Blouse Designs that you Should Try

The saree blouse you choose speaks a great deal about your style and sense of coordination. It is important to choose a new blouse design that complements your body and the saree. Here are some latest blouse designs that you should experiment.

  • 1. Boat Neck Blouse: The boat neck designing blouse has been on top of the trends for a few years now. You can either keep the sleeves to elbow length, full sleeves, or keep it sleeveless. You can either keep a simple blouse back design or keep the back entirely open.

  • 2. Crop Top Style Blouse Design: Crop top style blouse design goes well with fancy party wear sarees and even formal sarees.

  • 3. Vintage Style Blouse Design: This is among the charming saree blouse designs that you must try. Whether it is the fabric or the work on it, these blouse designs will bring an old-world charm

  • 4. Off Shoulder or Cold Shoulder Blouses: Cold shoulder or off-shoulder blouse designs are here to stay. These latest blouse design feature applique work has been trending for quite some time. These look great with heavy festive wear sarees.

  • 5. Maggam Work Blouse: : A bridal designer blouse features heavy Maggam work. The design complements kanjeevaram sarees beautifully and gives a premium finish.

  • 6. Short Sleeves or Cap Sleeves Blouse Design: Whether you are stitching a silk designer blouse or looking for cotton saree blouse designs, cap sleeves design is something to look at. It has short sleeves, and you can experiment with the back and neck designs in this blouse. If you have a net designer blouse, you can consider this style.

Accessories that Go with your Blouse

Depending on the event, you can experiment with different accessories on your blouse design. Here are some of the accessories that can accentuate your blouse design.

  • 1. Tassels

    Tassels, also known as latkans, are very commonly seen in various old and new saree blouse designs. These go at the back of your blouse and hang on your upper back.

  • 2. Saree Lace Borders

    You can create a stylish blouse design with lace borders. A good thing about this accessory is that it is quite versatile. You can create both simple blouse designs and fancy new blouse designs with these lace borders.

  • 3. Embroidery Patches

    If you want to create a marriage designer blouse, then you can use embroidery patches. This will give your blouse a heavy look and will look good with fancy sarees.

  • 4. Mirrors

    Mirror work in a blouse looks great. From small mirrors to bigger ones, there are so many ways to use this accessory.

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