Must have sarees in your wardrobe

India is a country leading in the production of hand-woven textiles. With their innumerable fabrics, sarees are among the most popular garments for every special occasion. In India, it is traditionally believed that a saree denotes a woman's journey through life.

Every woman deserves well-crafted must have sarees in her wardrobe, and this blog is dedicated to curating just that for you!

Sarees of India Collections

A celebration of India's rich handloom traditions, these sarees showcase the variety found across the country. This elegant collection includes a range of designs with unique patterns and stitches and classic styles and techniques.

Handloom textiles are an integral part of Indian culture and carry a lot of meaning. Sarees are a vital part of any Indian woman's wardrobe, and in marriage, sarees are an essential part of any traditional Indian bride's trousseau.

Decorated with Floral, Zari, Digital, and Trans colour, get sarees that give a contemporary and a fresh look with the Indian styles by using premium fabrics.

  • Cotton sarees are available in almost every town, and they are the ultimate comfort wear. You may opt for silk and Kanjivaram when you need a gorgeous and royal look. With digital Print Sarees, the scope and spectrum of colour combinations have become a booster to the complementary fashion accessories.

  • When you talk about an elegant traditional saree, then Banarsi saree is a must buy. When worn by any body type, this saree makes the person looks elegant. There are thousands of designs available in this saree. Which one is everyone's favourite? It's hard to say.

  • A Banarasi saree is enough to make a myriad of décor details and colour palettes pale in comparison. Sarees like Kanchipuram have classic weaves from handloom artisans, so what these silk sarees can do for you is everything you have always wanted in a pure silk fabric. So indulge yourself in all the luxury of pure silk.

Sarees of States

Discover a range of Indian sarees from our favourite regions around the country. We love them from Paithani of Maharashtra to Bandhini from Gujarat and Chikankari from Lucknow to Baluchari Sarees from Bengal. Each is unique and stunning in its way.

  • For example, in Odisha, renowned for its excellent handloom products, weavers weave exquisite saris with a thick silk thread called 'Ikat.' The most outstanding feature of this sari is that the motifs are woven into the material itself and not painted on it with dyes. Thus, there is no chance of the motifs becoming weak or affected by chemicals in the air or light.

  • The most popular cotton saris are made in Kota, a prominent textile and artisan city. Kota has a rich tradition of creating finely woven cotton sarees, which lend well to pleating and coiling. Our inventory includes various types of cotton saris, namely pure sari with satin border, printed sarees with cotton jamdani border, and pure muslin with cotton jamdani border.

  • If you're thinking to gift sarees to your loved ones, go for intercultural ones. Mix and mingle your styles, get the most Indianness with every regional touch to your personality.

Most Indians have at least one good saree in their wardrobe. Here are some of the regional gems you can pick from :

Famous Saree State
● Sambalpuri Ikat sarees Odisha
● Patola sarees Gujarat
● Pochampally sarees Andhra Pradesh
● Kantha sarees Bengal
● Bandhini sarees Gujarat
● Benarasi saress Banaras
● Kanjeevaram saree Tamil Nadu
● Baluchari Sarees Bengal
● Mekhala Chador Assam
● Chikankari sarees Lucknow
● Kasuti Sarees Karnataka
● Paithani Maharashtra
● Jamdani Bengal

You're better off with various Indian must-have sarees in your wardrobe.

While travelling to India- the land of fashion- it must be your priority to get these saris from its numerous handloom sarees cotton-weaving centres.

Choose the comfortable Saree or Fabrics

The right type of fabric and fall is the most important thing to look at while buying a saree. This means that you should be aware of various kinds of materials available before you purchase. The best fabrics have the right texture and thickness, which keeps a particular type of saree drape smartly.

  • Cotton Sarees

    Pure cotton sarees are perhaps the most comfortable fabrics you can wear in summers. They come in gorgeous designs available with embroidery or prints to make them look designer. The delicate light cotton sarees ensure the best comfort and are a must-buy summer sarees to stay calm.

    Light and easy to maintain, they fall effortlessly without bunching or creasing, an excellent choice for both day and evening wear. To feel their comfort for yourself, choose from our brightly coloured cotton saree collection today.

  • Silk Sarees

    Silk saree fabric has a graceful fall and an unmatched luxurious appeal. It is an exquisite material for making all kinds of sarees or apparel recommended for celebrations such as weddings, rituals, special occasions, and parties. Shop from the best Silk saree collection to use in day-to-day life.

    Silk fabrics undergo a rigorous quality check, making them resistant to various climatic conditions regardless of where you wear them. In addition, they are shiny, lightweight, and remember, if you are buying a piece for yourself, always go for 100% pure natural silk fabrics. Find more in the bridal saree collection.

  • Khadi Sarees

    Experience fabrics that look as good as they feel. Discover an exquisite range of pure weaves, stylish motifs, and colours, each with a backstory of celebration, each with the same powerful connection to India. With new textures and colours released every day, it's easy to fall in love repeatedly with the beauty of Khadi.

Choose the comfortable saree or fabrics from the collections with the dual purpose of being a work of art and garments for everyday wear. However, Khadi is much more than just a fabric.

Things to remember while picking the latest saree fashion:

  • ● Fabrics that are too thin won't be sturdy enough to support any style of draping, and those that are too thick may not give out the light puffy look for which most saree wearers go.

  • ● The Indian silk sarees are world-famous due to their striking colours, designs and patterns. Each country region has its unique style and innovation in designing sarees that significantly distinguish each cloth piece. The intricate floral pattern, attractive colour combinations, and borders make each saree a designer piece.

  • ● Choose your style, and wear it with ease! The contemporary and graceful designs speak of the rich heritage of India.

Every woman's saree collection is unique and befits her choices. Shop every Women's wardrobe essentials from the most extensive collection online.

Must have Sarees with work

If you are looking for a royal touch to your persona, georgette, chiffon, and net sarees could be the best choice. It has mesmerizing embroidered work with stonework on it. You can make it up in any style you want to flaunt at parties, dinners, or even religious functions.

  • Embroidery has been a popular trend over the last few years. These embroidered must have sarees and played a significant role in designing other Indian clothing, including kurtas, salwar suits, and lehengas. However, the decorative aspect and the feel, touch, and fabric quality make it even better.

  • Embroidered saree blouses make a strong style statement, especially when worn with a classic piece like traditional bandhani sarees. Shop from this wide range of stunning embroidery-enhanced blouses to adorn your best collection of short or long embroidered sarees.

  • From V-neck blouses to square neck blouses, from printed blouses to embroidered blouses, you'll find what you're looking for at affordable prices. Accessorized with stonework, embellished with buttons and beads, these collections of Indian wear blouses flaunt graceful prints and finest yarns.

Bridal Saree Collection

Bridal silk sarees always get the centre stage at every Indian wedding! With so many great designs to select from, you're sure to find one which will suit you down to the last stitch. Our silk saree collection comes in various styles and fabrics, so you can feel safe knowing that when you purchase out of the perfect Indian bridal saree collection from Taneira, you'll be wearing a 100% genuine, one of a kind piece of art.

The primary characteristics that define a bridal saree are pure, delicate, and rich silk fabric. Want that celebrity wedding vibe? Going for a designer Floral Sarees with Embroidery work can work wonders! Shop from a wide selection of pure, tender, and rich materials that make up an extraordinary collection of bridal silk sarees.

The silk saris that you'll never take off are the must-have sarees for Indian brides. Our Collection of Bridal Silk Sarees has an option for every style, shape, size, and occasion. Matching your shoes and jewellery or pairing with a dazzling gold choli. Embellished bridal sarees to match every silk saree blouse design.

Formal & Casualwear Sarees

Elegant, sophisticated, and graceful words capture what a Saree is. So whether you're looking forward to wearing it in traditional or modern settings, our collection of casual and formal sarees will leave you spoilt for choices.

Formal drapes have multi-purpose uses. You can either opt for western cuts or prefer printed sarees that consider the feminine side and comfort quotient.

Moreover, these hidden gems can reflect their multi-purpose worth as festive wear sarees when styled following certain contemporary fashion statements!

Why Should you buy from Taneira?

The range of sarees offers you a wide choice to get the best style possible and therefore we have tried our best to provide you with the complete range of Saree online to make your shopping more accessible than ever. When you buy a dress online, it becomes more comfortable because you don't need to travel from one place to another and save time.

With India's most extensive collection of silk saris, countless designs and patterns to choose from, Taneira sarees are the only destination for you to find your next silk sari. Find a variety of pure silk sarees and exclusive fabrics to suit your taste and requirements. From Banarasi sarees to the Kanchipuram Silk saree collection, Sambalpuri Silk saris, and more, please choose from our wide range of Silk Sarees.