Inspired by the wondrous Flora and Fauna, Taneira has launched its new limited edition collection named “PARICHAY: SONG OF THE FOREST”. For the first time ever, each saree in this collection brings together two unique crafts, highlighting our country’s unity, and ensuring a blend of distinct cultures.

This blue Gujarat silk saree is a perfect reason to celebrate nature and its sustainability. With Animal Buti on the body and thread work on the border, this saree will make you stay rooted in nature by reminding you of the sweet fragrances of ripened jujube fruits and the enchanting smell of wild dandelions.

‘This one-of-a-kind treasure was created using natural dyes in the Ajrakh block print process and finished with Zardozi embroidery with sequins, dab and glass beads.

Witness the amalgamation of Bengali Jamdani tradition and Kantha embroidery in this golden yellow saree. This saree draws inspiration from the warmth of sunshine with various trees depicting the diverse seasons.

This beautiful saree is from Benaras and embellished with Rajasthani wood block print. A shimmering beige body reflects a pond ripping with golden sun rays and thanking the heavenly sun with beautiful pink lotuses.

In this indigo saree, you can enjoy Gujarati Ashavali weaving with a traditional block print that captures the vastness of the blue sky and the lightness of the wind. The beautiful Zari border of this saree instills the freshness of the wind breezing through the enchanting trees.