We, at Taneira, take pride in being a handwoven brand that brings India under one roof. Every Taneira saree reflects the different facets of beauty, craft, and consciousness. Our weavers are the real artisans, creating and curating each piece of art in the form of a saree.

We, at Taneira, take huge pride in keeping these indigenous crafts alive. Our products are dedicated to the women of today who are re-inventing what 'heritage' is with the best of six yards of handwoven sarees from across India, under one roof.

Taneira is a brand that offers a unique amalgamation of authentic traditional crafts and techniques with modern designs. The sarees that reach you are not just another piece of clothing, they uphold the promises that we wish to keep.

Presenting to you the seven promises that are deeply woven with each of the facets, the promises that we will stand by to behold the true value and inspiring stories behind every meticulously handcrafted saree.

. 7 Promises that Taneira will always keep .

We stay committed to upholding these promises to enhance and enrich your experience with Taneira.

Being the youngest brand of Titan from the House of TATA, we are proud to be carrying forward the legacy of the great J. N. Tata who had envisioned the future of the textile industry in India with his successful ventures. Our promise to live by the TATA values is imbibed in all that we do.

Every Taneira saree narrates its weaver's tale of artistry & perfection. We take huge pride in our products being hand-woven, pure & natural. The Silk, Khadi and Handloom marks speak for our Promise of Authenticity and guarantee finesse in terms of raw fabric sourcing and processing, fabric provenance with GI tag, zari and silk embellishments, and design and defect-free weaving technique.

Revered as an epitome of grace and elegance, our sarees are undoubtedly a reflection of beauty and purity. We promise 100% purity in fabric, yarn and zari, sourced naturally from authentic artisans. Every saree you pick from Taneira holds the promise of purity, making it a treasured heritage that can be passed onto future generations.


Every saree in Taneira is a reflection of the perfect weaving tradition that is hundreds of years old, a testament of quality by our highly professional and skilled weavers. All our sarees go through extensive quality checks before they reach your hands. Embracing these treasures will make you cherish your moments and last you many compliments.


Our sarees are an amazing blend of techniques, art, and incredible artisanship. Each saree comes with its own story that is embedded in time from different weaving clusters and cultural influences. Our six yards of fabrics are woven together with high standards of workmanship, provenance, and process to give you the best of India under one roof! Celebrate the value and beauty of handloom in all its glory with us.

We promise to do what we do with pride and purpose for the ecosystem. Taneira as a brand is committed to being socially responsible in every smallest of actions. We are involved in uplifting our weaver communities by helping them to promote their craft and attain economic independence. We also take pride in crafting sustainable solutions for a better future.

In our continuous endeavour to celebrate craft and culture, we promise to deliver an experience "Like No Other" every time! With an intimate understanding of design and aesthetics, we dedicate our promises to women who aspire to re-invent their heritage. With our 6 yards of drape as a canvas that displays the finesse of various art forms, our sarees narrate the most cherished tales of tradition.