Tips to enhance your look in Silk Sarees

Saree is one of the most versatile Indian attires. Relish embellished saris with embroidery in simple saree patterns, zari, stones, and other varieties. Wearing a saree is like making a style statement. And when it comes to elegance, nothing beats the look of a saree.

There are many intricate designs that you can try out on your own with pure silk sarees and get ready for any special occasion, whether you're going for bridal sarees or festive wear sarees.

Silk sarees are available in different fabrics and designs. Every kind of saree has its elegance and grace. Some beautiful silk saree designs are the Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Bhagalpuri, Soft Silk sarees, Ikat Patola, Tussar Silk, etc. Be it the banarasi silk sarees or Tussar silk, the Baluchari silk, or the Mysore silk — every silk saree is undoubtedly the epitome of class and grace.

Pleat your saree properly

Arrange your saree confidently before you wear it! Why should you worry about wearing a traditional saree? Wearing a saree is pretty easy once the proper procedure is followed.

Taking care of silk sarees is somewhat tricky. However, if you practice a few things while handling silk sarees, nothing to worry about. The following tips will surely come in handy:

  • ● Step 1: Slip the left end of the saree through the first loop of the dress.

  • ● Step 2: Twist the saree once and tuck it into the petticoat.

  • ● Step 3: Pleat the saree with extra fabric by pinching it with your forefinger and thumb, one pleat at a time.

  • ● Step 4: Gather as many pleats as possible without disturbing the tucked portion of the saree.

  • ● Step 5: Tuck the pleats neatly into the petticoat on the right side of your waist.

Further tips to keep in mind :

  • ● Wear a blouse and fish cut petticoat underneath the saree.

Ensure that your petticoat or underskirt matches the colour of your saree. For glam silk sarees, you could also go for a shimmer petticoat.

  • ● Level your saree well, and pair it with heels to give the ultimate diva feel.

  • ● If you want to replace a western dress with a party silk saree, add a belt to your saree to make a simple saree look sassy.

Enhance your Silk saree looks

Enrich your sense of ethnic fashion with excellent embroidered sarees. These gorgeous silk sarees come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Grace your persona with these ethnic wear outfits on any occasion and never feel guilty about it. Get trendy drapes with exclusive designs and embroidery patterns.

Consider the different kinds of silk sarees online shopping essential sarees for every women's wardrobe -

Daily wear silk sarees

Everyday silk saree designs can be worn to the office and parties, and on occasion, wear sarees to make a bold style statement. Lightweight sarees make you look trendy and are incredibly comfortable. On the other hand, go for pastel colour sarees when you're more into oxidised ornament accessories to make a new look work!

Daily wear pure silk sarees make you look day-ready, simplistic yet full of statement in no time! Level up your millennial fashion game with printed patola silk saree looks styled with grace! Other office-friendly gorgeous sari options might include raw silk sarees and the classic khadi silk saree!

Party wear saree new design

What's a party without sarees? Every occasion is perfect for festive wear sarees when you can see your glamour quotient. The latest designer wear sarees online are no less than magic as they can take your traditional and ethnic wear collection to another level altogether.

Drape your dreams with the latest silk saree designs comfortable and brilliantly designed for each body type and complexion.

With more bright colours, fringes, and contemporary prints, these designer party wears sarees online give a fairy tale experience to women who crave looks that captivate. So go ahead with sarees online shopping. Add several numbers of those light weighted sarees in your wardrobe to make any festive evening or special day memorable!

Wedding sarees online

Wedding season is upon us, and we need to look our best for all the weddings that are coming up. So to enhance your look with the elegance of silks and the finesse of our weaving expertise. Choose from an array of lovely bridal sarees that can be worn by both aged and young women alike.

Wedding silk sarees come in varieties such as Banarasi sarees, Chikankari, Kanjeevaram, and more can help dress up your appearance for any event.

Designer festive wear sarees

Festive Wear Sarees is a trendsetting collection of silk sarees designed and crafted by some of the most innovative weavers in the country. The appeal of these sarees lies in the ingenious fusion of traditional and contemporary, traditional ethnic designs with fine attention to detail. Our curated collection offers a wide range of hand-woven sarees perfect for casual, traditional formal sarees or day-to-night events.

Tip: A new silk royal saree worn with statement jewellery peaks its regality. If you want a western take on festive wear sarees, couple it up with a jacket and rock it!

Latest fancy sarees

A fancy saree is the best option when all you need is subtle and chic, yet different from regular wear. Designer pieces like georgette sarees have always been in fashion. Please browse through our collection of fancy sarees for an option that ties back to your style. You'll find something that suits any event or gathering, from floral motifs and subtle polka dots to glamorous geometrics, abstract prints, and silk embroidery saree.

Most women love to dress up in pretty and colourful sarees to add a dash of colour to their dainty and pretty persona. Fancy sarees range from casual summer wear sarees, silk winter wear sarees to wedding wear fancy sarees. Shop from the best silk sarees designs and glam forever.

Blouse that goes with your Saree

Trends come and go, but the saree is always in fashion. On the other hand, the Blouse has the more challenging job of keeping up with the changing times. Simple blouse designs for silk sarees can be styled with various techniques that add visual appeal.

The Indian fusion outfit designs for women – the saree blouse designs- are so experimental that you'll be tempted to go shopping more often.

Here are some stunning tips to level up the blouse game!

Women silk saree blouse designs neckline

The neckline is a significant factor that plays a great role in the overall look of your saree or lehenga. But what most of us fail to understand is that this is one of the first things we notice while determining the look of the Blouse.

Just choose the neckline as per your style and body type. Various types of necklines available include Boat neck, Crew neck, Straight neckline, Collar, Mandarin collar, etc.

Best blouse colour

Every woman's dilemma when buying Indian sarees is which blouse colour to pick? The trick is to look for a contrast in colour or look at it with a contrasting accessory, like a coloured border. Then, trust the process and add a distinctive appeal to yourself.

Blouse sleeves design latest

Play with sleeves this season and experiment with your look. You have many options for sleeves, so why not change them up a bit?

How about a blouse with frilled sleeves design worn with a significant border pure Mysore silk saree? Try the basic button-down shirt-topped with a cute pair of cuffs, or opt for puffed sleeves that give your attire a whole new look!

Silk blouse back design

The back of the Blouse is a canvas of style, colour, art and culture.

Make sure you never go unnoticed as you turn around; pick a blouse with a design that piques your interest to go along with your favourite kanjivaram silk saree. For example, a designer Saree blouse with 3/4th sleeves can be worn more than straightforwardly- overlapped on your waistline or tucked in.

It's all about how you want to rock it. So whether you want to create a style statement or exude a traditional look, our extensive collection of back blouse designs will take you one step ahead of the rest.

If you want to think beyond silk saree blouse designs, play with body ornaments, cuffs, chains, and even body paint to get the ultimate signature vibe out of the saree of your choice!

Indian Traditional Saree-Draping Styles

Indian Sarees are distinct in quality and adornment and are widely considered a woman's best friend. So what better way to showcase your Indian heritage than through the style you drape your saree? Here are some of the most traditional and age-old styles that you can sport as part of your wardrobe.

Atpourey Saree

The Athpourey is one style that has emerged as the most preferred draping style for traditional Bengali women. It is a drape style where the pallu is thrown from the back and rests on the shoulder of the left shoulder. The pallu is thrown to the right shoulder with many keys at the end. The length of this style varies, but they are mostly long.

Athpourey Saree is a signature saree of Bengali women who are mostly seen wearing this during Durga Pujo. Not only is this drape an epitome of grace, it’s super easy to drape and comfortable to wear all day long. Try this drape out with your Banarasi or Bengali saree for your next festive outfit.

Seedha pallu

Like a lehenga choli, the veil is used in place of a dupatta, making it much easier for freehand movements. In addition, you'd be able to showcase all the intricate designs found around the border of this saree on the veil itself.

Mekhela chadar drape

The traditional Assamese saree draping style, the Mekhela Chador, is characterised by the top portion of this particular saree drape style, called chador, which covers the head and is held in position by a small band known as ghunghru.

The heavily pleated bottom portion known as mekhela is worn around the waist and extends down long to cover the feet. With the creation of several artisans in Assam, this draping style has been linked with the royal traditions of Assam.

Nauvari drape

Famous for its grandeur, rich style and glamour, The Maharashtrian Navvari saree draping style has a notable presence in the fashion world of India. It is unique and exhibits a typical style. It is mainly 9 yards long and enhances the woman's beauty wearing it and gives a look of aura around her.

Coorgi style

Try a Coorgi style saree the next time you get to wear a traditional Kanjeevaram silk. This type of draping characterizes front and back side pleats. Take the saree's end from behind the back to place over the shoulder and make intact with a knot. This drape allows you to showcase an intricate pallu in all its grandeur.

When you are a pro at acing the draping art, celebrate and gift yourself the best saree in town! Gift sarees to your loved ones, match the vibe of your dear and near ones. Shop the best silk saree collections at a price that suits everyone's budget!