Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Sarees

Love Your Silk Sarees? Indulge in the Beauty of Silk Sarees with These Incredible Tips to handle

Silk sarees are the most chosen outfit for any saree lover, but they need to be taken proper care of so that every time you wear them, they shine bright, making yourself and your personality glamorous. Well, ladies, nothing comes without a little effort. Know how to maintain silk sarees and how to take care of silk sarees with Taneira.

Take them out of your closet every six months and let them bask in the sun for one hour. This would successfully prevent any fungal attack or unpleasant odor that your favorite silk fabric might have picked and would keep the color and shine intact. Last but not least, don't miss out on changing the fold of the saree, thereby preventing zari breakage and unwanted creasing of the fabric.

Silk Saree Maintenance Tips Nobody is Telling You About

Want to get answers to every woman’s saree questions like — how to clean silk sarees, remove oil stains from silk saree, how to remove oil stains from silk saree, how to store sarees for long time, and how to maintain silk sarees. Here are a few tips on how to take care of silk sarees collections to combat different fungal attacks and disintegration.

  • How to Clean Silk Sarees?

  • Once we buy a silk saree, the next thought that pops up in our mind is how to clean silk sarees. Don't ever think of washing your saree frequently as it will damage the fabric. While tussar silk sarees should only be dry cleaned, the use of chemical bleaches on other silk sarees is highly condemned. But it is quite sane to question, will it be healthy to wear the same saree for long without any wash and how to clean silk sarees to maintain their quality and beauty?

  • The answer is obviously no, while washing any saree for the first time, we soak them in the saltwater and proceed. This will eventually help the color to stay longer. However, this is not applicable for all silk sarees. Silk saree and zari embroidery sarees are best to be dry-cleaned. Avoid giving them a hand wash. It is important to take proper care of your silk sarees, so know how to take care of silk sarees before you buy them.

  • How To Store Silk Sarees?

  • How to store sarees for a long time is the question from every lady out there. They are best stored in a cool and dry place, folded, and covered in a soft cotton cloth or bag separately. This is particularly important for silk sarees. Preserve your heavily embellished sarees by storing them in saree bags or wrapping them in fabric or butter paper.

  • Do not let your dry-cleaned Tussar (or any silk) stay wrapped in plastic for too long. Always remove any plastic cover on the saree, leading to zari and fabric discoloration. Never keep naphthalene balls and other moth/rodent repellents in direct contact with your sarees. Silica gel can be used to prevent fungal growth on your silk sarees. Maintaining a silk saree is not easy, but you can learn how to maintain silk sarees with time. There are many more proper ways on how to store sarees for long time. Please make sure you see them before storing your sarees.

  • How To Iron Silk Sarees?

  • Take special care while ironing the designer silk sarees or any silk sarees, particularly those with zari embroidery. It is always advisable to keep a soft cotton cloth on top of the material and then iron. This will help your fabric remain undamaged to make the best out of it. Also, try to use a very low amount of heat.

  • Exposing the silk fabric to too much heat can damage the soft fabric and embroidery. Therefore, steam ironing is preferable for your expensive silk sarees as it lessens the chances of harm. Last but not least, try to maintain an even and gentle motion of ironing on your saree. Ironing is one of the top ways you can maintain silk sarees. Learn other ways how to maintain silk sarees as well to keep your silk sarees the way it is.

  • Removing Stains from Silk Sarees

  • Oil is the most common stain in our clothes, especially sarees. Let's see how to remove oil stains from silk saree with many other stains. Stubborn stains of butter, margarine, cooking oil, or even some cosmetics like lipstick can be easily dealt with by applying a thin layer of Talc or talcum powder on the grease as it will draw out the grease easily. Follow by removing the powder from the silk saree using a soft brush.

  • However, if it's not working out following these simple steps, always act fast on silk saree stains by quickly sending them for dry cleaning. It would help if you learned how to take care of silk sarees because we are more used to staining our favorite clothes.

  • How to Keep Silk Sarees Wrinkle Free?

  • Don't keep the saree bundled up, as this will result in the threads of the embroidery work getting entangled. For sarees with heavy embroidery or embellishments, fold them with the work side inside to prevent any snags or tears. Also, never hang them on hangers, as it may cause the heavy embroidery to stretch and tear the fabric. The best idea is to wear your silk sarees often without letting them be in the wardrobe for long. You can learn better ways on how to take care of silk sarees by searching online.

To sum up everything, here are the ultimate top 10 tips to take care of your silk sarees:

  • 1. Quickly seek professional dry cleaning for silk saree stains.

  • 2. Store your heavily embellished sarees in saree bags to protect them and keep the fabric fresh.

  • 3. To protect your silks, wash them with mild detergent and avoid chemical bleaches.

  • 4. When storing your dry cleaned silk saree, avoid using plastic bags.

  • 5. Always dry-clean tussar sarees to maintain the fabric's natural hue.

  • 6. Don't let your silk sarees sit in the back of your closet. Remember to wear them often.

  • 7. Keep the saree flat. If it's in a bundle, the embroidery work may tangle --- leading to damaging the threads of the embroidery.

  • 8. When you fold your sarees, it is best to put the stitched or decorated side inside, or else it might tear due to mishandling. To avoid tears, do not hang your sarees in hangers/hooks.

  • 9. Never leave a saree covered in plastic for any time, as exposure to the air will lead to discoloration of the fabric.

  • 10. Please do not place mothballs/naphthalene balls/rodent repellents into the folds of your sarees. Misuse of such products can result in stains and holes in your clothing.

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