Wedding Dreams

Weddings in India have always been among the most sacred of ceremonies. Relationships are forged for eternity. In the days of the past, for the most sacred of the ceremonies, both the groom and the bride would wear the finest dhoti and saree made of cotton with pure gold zari. With the passing of time, silk and gold became the norm. What however stayed constant are the bridal sarees being woven in the temple cities of Kanchipuram and Banaras. Kanchipuram, the city of a thousand temples has always been known for the finest silks woven inspired by the grand architecture of the Chola dynasty. Banaras, the city older than the oldest, is the centre of cultural confluence. From this arose the distinct language of the weaves inspired by cultures of the neighborhood states to far off Persia and even Cambodia.

Come with us on this journey of ours travelling through the lanes of these cities to the homes of these artisans where dreams are woven.

Savour and discover with us every saree's story and adorn yourself in the one that resonates most with your heart.

As you script a new chapter of your life, here is a treasure for you to pass on as an heirloom for the future.


Introducing Ananya, our wedding collection of rich Kanjeevaram and Banarasi silks that have been inspired by indigenous motifs, auspicious to the Indian wedding.
Ananya, meaning "the unique you" has been handcrafted for occasions like no other, for the woman like no other.

Available exclusively at Taneira stores in Bangalore & Delhi.

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ananya banaras

We present this beautiful Banarasi, a handpicked design from our in-house experts. The traditional diagonal design in sona chandi zari is accompanied with a geometric creeper border, making this a dreamy ensemble for any bride.

Vertical bands of pure zari meet jade borders in this magnificent silver-white Kanjeevaram.


An opulent play of silver zari, on this golden yellow Kanjeevaram silk makes this saree a graceful addition to your wedding day. Traditional panels of peacock alternate with panels of lotuses to create an unusual layout.

Explore this exclusive bridal collection of Banaras and Kanjeevaram silks, now in stores. Stay tuned to see our exclusively designed sarees and lehengas from the Ananya collection.

Kanjeevaram Silken Dreams

The temple town of Kanchipuram is where magic happens. The finest quality of Indian Mulberry silks meet the metallurgical marvel called zari and then the magic unfolds. The imagination of the weaver takes over and colors and motifs come together to weave a beautiful fluid poetry of the warp and the weft. The clanking of the foot pedal, the rhythm of the shuttles, the fixing of the border and the pallu to the body and then the trails of the tassels- each whispering a story and carrying in its fold the choicest of best wishes and blessings...


VAIRA OOSI - the zari opulence

These Pure Zari silk sarees from Kanjeevaram glint like minute diamonds in the light because of the craft full insertion of zari in the weft making it appear like dotted horizontal lines. Revel in the Vaira Oosi in its purest form in traditional colours with traditional borders like the durbarpet and the gattipet . Find your pick in from the Vaira Oosi checks, the Vaira Oosi broken into bands of 6 lines to create patterns, the Vaira Oosi to create a kattam with the beautiful mayil ( peacock within it) and many more...

KARAI - presence or absence

In a recent dance drama “ Thari- the loom”, Ms Malavika Sarukkai , beautifully brings about an analogy of the saree to life itself- one border sets us on a journey and one border sets us free and vodal or the body of the saree is our life in between the two borders. Karai or the border, establishes the balance of the saree; can be of varying lengths, designs, ganga jamuna, morning evening, kaalai maalai – call it what you may. Reinterpret the karai or the absence of it with each saree in this collection in every single drape.


Banaras Silk Sonnets

Banaras - the original melting pot. A city of ghats built by royalty from the Indian subcontinent. The weavers were always a part of the Royal entourage and one can only imagine how the notes were exchanged. Maybe it was in the discussion sessions by the pristine Ganges in the evenings or maybe in some serai or courtyard of the courtesan. One will never know but what remains a fact is that Banaras has been the epicenter of creative art form- reflected even today in the fine craftsmanship and detailing of the sarees. If the rhythm of the heart can be heard outside of the body, then the by-lanes of banaras is where it beats. What better than a Banarasi saree that embodies the significance of marriage-individuality blending with another to create a new whole. Come discover the storeis each of these woven beauties...


JAAL- patterns of grace

Indulge in the intersecting patterns of Jaal or Jaali in these beautiful silks from Banaras and Georgette Silks from Gujarat. The leheriya waves, creepers, jhalar in shades both pastel and warm, with threads or zari, is no less than a dreamer’s imagination. Find those small floral butis or flower bouquets inside the mesmerising mesh designs making the saree a grand choice for the wedding ceremonies. Badrun Jaal- badam/ almond shaped flower; Hira jaal- the diamond shape jaal; chashme bulbul, chaudani ganga jamuna, ilaichi jaal, jhaldana jaal are some rare forms of jaals that we shall try and bring live for you to experience.

The bandhani saree features a woven jaal on the body with minute tie and dye work and intricate buti on the pallu. Within the intricate creeper, geometric, ornamental, floral mesh, lie the tiny multi-hued dots of joy. The beauty lies in the complexity of patterns in which the dots are aligned. More the number of dots and colors, more complex and outstanding the design is. Discover the amalgamation of beautiful handmade crafts making the saree as unique as you for those special celebrations.

SONA-CHANDI - the dual gleam

A glint of distinct beauty is what emanates from the sarees with sona and chandi motifs with the metallic colors giving a twist to the saree and its patterns. Experience the play of two separate types and color of zari with this collection curated for special moments - the sona depicting golden (where the silver metal twisted on silk or cotton yarn is electroplated with gold) & chandi depicting silver (which does not have the electroplating). The motifs in these silk sarees look more lively with the infusion of two distinct zari in the design. Pick your most favourite silk saree as they stand unique & distinct for the special occasions.