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Every saree is an ode to art and innovation, with a contemporary twist and fresh designs for the next generation. From over a hundred craft clusters across the nation, we bring you a spectrum of colours, motifs, textures, and patterns. Together, we create a living legacy that is passed on from hand to hand. Sustaining livelihoods and traditions.

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We uphold the TATA trust, and assure the highest quality of personalized service and a delightful experience. We are proud partners with organisations that certify authentic material and crafts recognised across the nation.

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Fine Fabric Narratives


Regal. Luxurious. Coveted for unmatched lustre.
story silk
Sarees available in Silk

6 Saree styles available

Silk Cotton

Elegant. Comfortable. The best of silk and cotton in one.
story silk
Sarees available in Silk Cotton

6 Saree styles available


Evergreen. Versatile. The perfect choice for any season and occasion
story silk
Sarees available in Cotton

6 Saree styles available


Rustic. Raw silk. Admired for its inherent golden sheen.
story silk
Sarees available in Tussar

4 Saree styles available


Sophisticated. Exceptionally breathable. An all-time summer favourite.
story silk
Sarees available in Linen

4 Saree styles available


Fluid. Translucent. Renowned for signature crinkles.
story silk
Sarees available in Georgette

4 Saree styles available


Smooth. Sheer. Prized for its whisper-soft embrace.
story silk
Sarees available in Chiffon

3 Saree styles available


Richly textured fabrics acclaimed for their impeccable drape
story silk
Sarees available in Crepe

1 Saree styles available


Gossamery weaves adored for their ethereal shimmer
story silk
Sarees available in Organza

4 Saree styles available


Lightweight. Indigenous. Famed for woven chequered patterns and a subtle sheen.
story silk
Sarees available in Kota

2 Saree styles available

social impact

Celebrating Craft,

Transforming Lives

Celebrating Craft, Transforming Lives

Weavershala - Taneira's endeavour to improve the ecosystem, sustain livelihoods, and empower a new generation.


In the Spotlight

Unique Indian block prints



Bold geometric shapes. Unique symmetrical designs. A masterwork of precision and detail.

View All Ajrakh


Mesmerising patterns in earthy tones. An ancient printing technique from the heart of India.

View All Bagh


Hand block prints renowned for Syahi (black) and Begar (red) colours. An art form from the famed Chippa Mohalla in Rajasthan.

View All Bagru


Intricate designs with a rustic flair. A masterpiece of wax, dye, and skilful hands.

View All Batik


Breathtaking light-hued prints on dark-hued backgrounds. The wizardry of resist printing with mud.

View All Dabu


A symphony of freehand drawing and wooden block printing. A matchless craft with natural dyes, from South India.

View All Kalamkari


Vivid outlines. Brilliant Colours. Vibrant prints. A centuries-old textile craft from Rajasthan.

View All Sanganeri

Contemporary Prints

Whimsical prints in playful pops of colour. Styles that embody the essence of summer.

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Speaking from their hearts


The Taneira Tribe


The Taneira Tribe

Saree stories that inspire, connect, and celebrate. Join us on social media for a glimpse into the world of Taneira.

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The finest method to express your admiration for India's rich past and culture is via various traditional wear for women. Our nation is a melting point of cultures, each with a unique perspective on attire and accessories. In India, traditional wear for women varies every few kilometers, just as languages.