Story of Taneira

Taneira, the youngest brand of Titan Company Limited was conceived during an internal crowd sourcing of ideas around 2015. Multiple teams suggested sarees as a product category and rigorous rounds of evaluation finally resulted in sarees as the winner for a pilot project. Sarees was a natural extension of Titan's value proposition: design led lifestyle brands that enable self-expression - Titan, Tanishq, Raga, Fastrack among others and now Taneira.

Thus began our journey into the wonderful world of sarees - we met up with Handloom Commissioner of India, simultaneously began detailed consumer research, evolved a value proposition, visited weavers, craftsmen and artisans in every nook and corner of the country, and launched our first trunk show in October 2016. Post the reception we received, our first pilot store in the country was launched in February 2017.

Derived from the word 'tan' meaning body and 'Eira', the Sanskrit name for Goddess Saraswathi (Patron God of art, music, craft and knowledge) and meaning 'earth' in Greek, Taneira aims to provide the rooted yet progressive Indian woman with exclusive design, diverse workmanship, authenticity of handcraft, pure and natural fibres: the best of India under one roof.

Our stores have been carefully crafted for you to discover handpicked designs from more than 32 weaving clusters, an intimate yet relaxed browsing experience, and absolute convenience (our style studio puts together an entire saree ensemble for you - blouse, inskirt, fall included).

Our journey as a brand has only just begun; we hope your journey with Taneira is as rewarding as it has been for us to put together and present Taneira, sarees handmade with love.