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Pastel Perfection: Subtle Hues for Contemporary Brides

15 December, 23

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Contemporary Bridal Saree Look By Taneira

A wedding is a grand celebration of the love between two souls, and marks the coming together of two families as well. The planning process of this huge celebration becomes a memorable and enjoyable journey for the couple. Wedding planning involves everything from selecting the venue and theme of the event to the colour scheme, clothing, invites and other finer details as well. The choices made during wedding planning, including colours, themes and more allow the couple to express their unique personalities and style. It is an opportunity to showcase their love story and create a day that reflects who they are as a couple.

Many couples these days choose their wedding theme keeping in mind their favourite things, or pick a colour for the décor and outfits depending on what they like best. Add to this traditional significance and their love story, which are also common factors that people keep in mind while deciding on a theme for their wedding day. Colour is one of the main factors that are considered when planning the wedding décor and other details. Choosing a colour theme for your wedding is a wonderful way to set the tone and style of your celebration.

A popular and versatile colour theme that’s trending nowadays involves the use of pastels. This includes using soft, light and soothing colour tones in the wedding invites, décor, jaimala and even outfits. Pastel colours create a timeless and ethereal look in photographs. The soft tones enhance the romantic and dreamy quality of wedding pictures, providing a lasting and beautiful visual memory. Some of these colours are baby pink, powder blue, lavender, peach, lilac, and mint green.

Banarasi Sarees

A Banarasi saree in a pastel colour offers the perfect blend of the polished grace of pastel hues with the richness of Banarasi Silk. It makes for a stunning bridal ensemble courtesy the luxurious Silk fabric, the lustre of zari and the intricate handwoven details by artisans. Opt for timeless elegance with an ivory Banarasi Silk saree. The simplicity of this pastel shade allows the intricate weaving and brocade work to take center stage, creating a classic and regal bridal look.

A blush pink or peach Banarasi saree with floral motifs and a gold zari border is also a great choice for the bride. It combines the traditional allure of Banarasi Silk with the romantic tones of pink. If you like to experiment with colours and would like to go off the beaten path, explore Taneira’s range of light green and light blue sarees with gold zari work for this day. It not only adds a unique touch to the bridal ensemble but is a refreshing change from the usual colours that brides opt for.

Contemporary Bridal Saree Look By Taneira

Kanjivaram Sarees

A Kanjivaram bridal saree is a cherished and symbolic choice that epitomises the grandeur and tradition of Indian weddings. Known for its luxuriant Silk fabric and elaborate gold zari weaving, a Kanjivaram saree is truly an heirloom piece and is a dream come true for any bride-to-be. When selecting a Kanjivaram saree, consider the significance of colours, the intricacy of the zari work and the overall theme of the wedding.

A powder blue or beige Kanjivaram saree with bold paisley motifs in gold zari or a stunning temple border can be chosen. It offers a delightful fusion of traditional elegance with contemporary subtlety. A soft peach Kanjivaram saree with delicate motifs all over is a wonderful choice too for a pastel-themed wedding. Pick one with a heavy pallu boasting of handwoven embroidery in pure zari. Kanjivaram zari embroidery is symbolic of opulence and tradition. The brilliance of the embroidery reflects the artisan's expertise as the metallic threads create a breathtaking contrast against the rich Silk backdrop.

Contemporary Bridal Saree Look By Taneira

Organza Sarees

Picture this: a saree adorned in pastel shades — baby pink, powder blue, light yellow or lavender — with each hue seamlessly transitioning into the next, like a watercolour painting. An Organza saree, where soft hues blend seamlessly, evokes a sense of romance and elegance as you adorn it for the big day. The lightweight fabric drapes the bride in a cascade of softness, creating a silhouette of grace and femininity.

If you have a day wedding planned, this saree can be a great choice when paired with a modern and trendy blouse. The subtle embellishments, airy fabric and soothing colours harmoniously come together to create a contemporary bridal look. What’s more, Taneira’s range of pink Organza bridal sarees are perfect for a bride seeking a delicate and romantic ensemble with a feminine charm.

Contemporary Bridal Saree Look By Taneira

Maheshwari Sarees

The Silk-Cotton blend of Maheshwari sarees, their traditional zari borders and exquisite handwoven motifs are some reasons why this saree style is a popular choice amongst brides-to-be. The fine texture of the fabric is highlighted by the intricately designed zari borders and pallu. The motifs on the pallu are often inspired by nature and thus, the sarees feature floral designs, leaves, peacocks and more, handcrafted in zari by the exceptionally gifted artisans. The Maheshwari saree, with its impeccable fabric blend, not only offers ease of wearing, but also ensures that the inclusion of zari work leaves you looking absolutely stunning.

Taneira brings forth a unique collection of Maheshwari sarees in a plethora of colour options. Diverge from the usual as you choose a soft and dreamy pastel shade for your bridal saree. A Maheshwari saree in a pastel shade seamlessly merges tradition with modern aesthetics, resonating with the contemporary bridal look you’ve always dreamt of. Explore a light yellow, green or light orange saree for your wedding day, or go with the more popular pinks.

Contemporary Bridal Saree Look By Taneira

Styling Tips for Contemporary Brides

Donning a bridal saree in a pastel shade involves thoughtful styling that intertwines traditional grace with contemporary flair. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. The choice of fabric plays an important role. Go for something with a slight sheen – be it the opulence of Silk, the shimmer of Organza or the shine of zari.

  2. Experiment with an additional contrasting dupatta over your head to add a unique touch to your ensemble.

  3. Don’t hesitate to try out trendy blouse styles with statement sleeves, embellishments and vibrant borders.

  4. If you’d like, you can try out unique draping styles. An unconventional pallu drape can create a distinctive look.

  5. Choose contemporary accessories such as statement earrings or necklace, light coloured kaleeras, or an embellished belt to complement the pastel saree look.

  6. Elevate your bridal look with fresh floral jewellery. Floral hand jewellery and maangtika are sure to add a refreshing touch.

  7. Keep your makeup for the day soft and natural. The subtle tone of the saree will look the best with a neutral eyeshadow and lip colour.

Style your pastel saree in your own unique way, expressing your individuality and a shade that complements the overall theme you have in mind. For the widest range of pastel sarees in exquisite patterns, don’t forget to check out Taneira’s range of beautiful wedding sarees. Boasting of a diverse spectrum of pastel shades, it allows you to find the perfect hue that echoes with your vision for your special day. Shop online at or find a Taneira store near you today.