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Dress Up This Diwali in Taneira’s Exclusive Range of Traditional Sarees

25 October, 23

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Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is when Indians all over the world come together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. It marks the day of Lord Rama and Sita’s return to Ayodhya, and is indeed a time of joy and profound religious significance. It is believed that as a warm welcome to them, the people of Ayodhya lit rows of diyas to illuminate the city. This tradition continues even today as it is considered auspicious to light up diyas and candles in one’s home every Diwali.

People from different communities have their own ways of celebrating the festival but the emotion remains the same throughout. What’s more, dressing up in traditional attire is an integral and exciting part of Diwali celebrations. It not only adds to the festive spirit but is also a way of celebrating our rich Indian culture and heritage. Taneira collaborates with artisans from different parts of the country to create a collection that you would love to flaunt this Diwali. It features a mix of vibrant colours, exceptional craftsmanship and elegant designs to up your ethnic wear game this season.

Choosing The Perfect Festive Saree for Diwali

Taneira’s range of Diwali sarees captures the essence of our heritage, while reflecting contemporary styles.

Shimmering Tissue Sarees

A dreamy Tissue saree would be a great addition to your festive wardrobe. With a touch of ethereal beauty, these sarees often showcase intricate and delicate embroidered details. As you get your hands on Taneira’s range of Tissue sarees, get set to be mesmerised by the soft, smooth texture that seems to whisper tales of grace and opulence.

Embroidered tissue sarees are a dream come to life, the delicate and lightweight appeal of the fabric makes embroidery patterns reflect the light of the festivities and appear as if they are dancing on sheer silk. The patterns range from florals, paisleys and geometric designs to more abstract ones created in contrasting colours and embellishments like sequins, gota-patti and more. Taneira’s range of embroidered Tissue sarees boasts of a vibrant colour palette that will be perfect for various Diwali events, whether it's for a pooja, an intimate gathering, or a grand evening celebration.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Artistic Tussar Sarees

Tussar Silk sarees are much loved for their rich texture and natural golden sheen. A wonderful choice for celebrating Diwali and for gifting to loved ones, Tussar Silk sarees offer a delightful combination of natural grace and artistic craftsmanship.Our skilled artisans are dedicated to creating these pieces of art with stunning hand-block printed designs.

Taneira’s range of Tussar sarees feature tie and dye sarees in a charming colour palette, block-printed motifs inspired by nature, and intricately hand-painted sarees. The richness of the fabric combined with the artistic charm of hand-painted designs and rich patterns – is sure to elevate your celebrations.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Ethereal Organza Sarees

Add magic to your wardrobe as you get your hands on a breezy Organza saree with exquisite embroidery. An ode to grace and sophistication, an Organza saree stands as a symbol of refined beauty. Organza saree are uniquely versatile, taking you from daytime festivities in delightful pastel shades and effortlessly transition to evening splendour when worn in rich jewel tones such as majestic reds and royal blues.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Chanderi Sarees with Zari

The creation of a Chanderi saree is not just a textile-making process; it's a manifestation of artistry, heritage, and the mastery of the artisans gifted with artistic prowess. The delicate process of interlacing the threads to create the foundation of the sarees lends them the signature airy and translucent texture. What’s more, the zari weaving adds a touch of opulence to the sarees. The shimmering zari motifs make Chanderi sarees an ideal choice for the Festival of Lights.

The myriad hues of the Chanderi sarees come alive as the metallic zari threads are hand-woven onto them. These threads of gold and silver add grandeur to the sarees in the form of bold borders, heavy solid-coloured pallus or rich motifs all over. These designs can range from traditional paisleys and florals to contemporary geometric shapes, reflecting the rich heritage of Chanderi.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Hand-painted Pure Silk Sarees

Saree lovers, delight! Taneira brings to you a one-of-a-kind collection of hand-painted sarees. A masterpiece of creativity, each saree is like a dream come true. As the artisans hold the brushes and work on the patterns to be painted on each saree, it becomes an example of exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable talent.

Taneira’s range of hand-painted sarees on pure Silk are like a narrative of creativity and artistic expression. Go ahead and pick a minimal saree with floral patterns on the pallu or choose a classic saree with hand-painted motifs dotted all over the fabric. Each hand-painted saree is a unique piece of art and that makes it a splendid choice for celebrating Diwali.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Styling Tips for Diwali

  • From lavish Diwali parties to more intimate gatherings, this is the time to dress up and feel the magic of the festivities. One of the most important festivals for Indians everywhere, Diwali calls for wearing your favourite traditional attire.

  • Don’t forget to accessorize your look this Diwali. Experiment with statement necklaces, big jhumkas and even chandbalis, if you’d like.

  • You can even experiment with wearing a belt over your saree for a contemporary touch.

  • If you like wearing make-up, try smoky eyes with your elaborate ensemble. Choose a neutral shade for the lip colour or match it with your saree.

  • A minimal round bindi can add an extra touch of traditional charm to your look.

  • If you’re headed to a card party, carry a golden or silver potli bag instead of your usual wallet or purse.

  • Heels make sarees look even more graceful so if you’re comfortable wearing them, do try them out this Diwali. Otherwise, you can always wear golden or silver juttis or kolhapuris, matching the work on your saree.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

This Diwali, get set to adorn yourself in the timeless elegance of traditional sarees by Taneira. From the classic block prints and subtle embroideries to the graceful hand-painted and zari detailing, there’s something for everyone. Come, explore the festive range and take your pick at a Taneira store near you Or, shop from the comfort of your home at www.taneira.com. Happy shopping and Shubh Deepawali!