Dreamy Reception Look

Sheer Glamour: Ethereal Sarees for a Dreamy Reception Look

16 December, 23

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Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Wedding celebrations hold immense significance across cultures and places. The rituals and ceremonies that take place during the wedding celebrations mark the coming together of two souls who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It is an important occasion that marks the coming together of not just two people, but two families. From the ring ceremony to the haldi, mehendi and sangeet, the events create a festive and memorable atmosphere leading up to the main wedding event. Serving as a culmination of a series of events, the wedding reception stands out as the grand finale, weaving together the threads of tradition and celebration. The reception, with its glittering lights, opulent decor and a touch of extravagance serves as the glamorous beginning of the couple’s journey together.

Toasts are raised and heartfelt words are spoken as the groom and the bride officially meet and greet the extended family for the first time as a couple. For such a momentous occasion like this, it is special for the newlyweds to dress up in elegant and stylish attire. The traditional yet contemporary attire chosen by the couple plays a significant role in not only reflecting their personal style but also in setting the tone for the entire celebration.

Stylish sarees are an impeccable choice for a reception look that exudes elegance and timeless charm. For those of you who are looking for the perfect outfit for a dreamy reception look, explore Taneira’s range of delicate yet glamorous sarees. These ethereal sarees offer an amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Elegant Organza Sarees

Organza’s high breathability and sheer texture makes it a beautiful choice for a wedding reception. The transparent nature of the fabric adds a delicate touch to the saree. Organza sarees look stunning with embroidered details, gleaming embellishments and zari woven highlights. Dress up in a breezy Organza saree on your special day and flaunt the statement border and pallu with a contemporary draping style. Look graceful and feel comfortable as you adorn the sheer elegance of an Organza saree and dance the night away with your partner.

While selecting your Organza saree, embrace a pastel colour palette to enhance the ethereal aura. Pastels create a timeless and sophisticated look that is well-suited for a reception. Choose from Taneira’s range of sarees in colours like blush pink, peach, lavender, light blue, gold or more.

Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Shimmering Tissue Sarees

Tissue sarees are known for their lightweight and sheer quality. The fabric lends itself well to creating an ethereal and dreamy look for a memorable wedding reception. Taneira boasts of a range of Tissue sarees with subtle embellishments that add to the dreamy quality of the saree. Be it delicate sequins, thread work or pearls, you are sure to look your best as you add a touch of shimmer to your look.

The gleaming silhouette of a well-draped Tissue saree looks gorgeous and transforms each movement into a dance, as if the wearer is gracefully gliding through a dreamscape. As you move, the saree gracefully moves with you and the embellishments sparkle like tiny stars in the sky. If you’d like, experiment with your saree draping style to add a modern touch to your ensemble. A creative pleating pattern or an innovative drape can do magic.

Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Charming Chanderi Sarees

Much loved for their sheer texture and intricately handwoven patterns, Chanderi sarees are made from a blend of Silk and Cotton. The blend lends a softness to the saree, and makes it lightweight, breathable and festive at the same time. The slight sheen and the delicacy of the fabric gives it a translucent quality that creates a mesmerising effect. Ideal for all special occasions, Chanderi sarees come in various hues and in many different patterns at Taneira.

The allure of a Chanderi saree lies in its distinct handwoven patterns. Traditional motifs such as peacocks, floral designs, animal motifs and more are meticulously woven into the fabric by gifted artisans with generational talent. The intricate patterns showcase the skill and artistry of the weavers, adding a touch of timeless beauty to the saree. What’s more, the gold and silver zari work creates a shimmering effect that adds a regal touch to the saree.

Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Graceful Georgette Sarees

Georgette, with its lightweight and flowing texture, creates an enchanting and dreamy appearance. The versatility of Georgette sarees makes them a preferred choice for special occasions, especially for a bride-to-be. Pick a refreshing Georgette Leheriya saree for a daytime post-wedding event, a Silk Georgette cutwork Banarasi saree for a traditional wedding reception or a sequins/gota patti embellished Georgette saree for a glamorous reception look.

The myriad styling opportunities that one has with Georgette are hard to achieve with any other saree look. The softness of Georgette sarees allows you to freely experiment with draping styles. So whether you love to keep the pallu open with the embellishments showing beautifully, like to secure it on one shoulder or even wrap it around your neck like a stole, you’re sure to make a statement with your exquisite Georgette saree.

Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Majestic Maheshwari Sarees

Unique woven details, resplendent zari work and exclusive handcrafted borders – these are reasons enough for you to fall in love with Maheshwari sarees and choose one for your wedding reception. The elaborate use of gold and silver zari highlights adds a regal touch to the fabric, transforming each saree into a wearable work of art. On the other hand, the signature contrasting border that is often seen in a Maheshwari saree adds a delightful pop of colour.

Taneira boasts of Maheshwari sarees in countless hues and it is recommended that you pick a vibrant colour for an extravagant wedding reception. The bright-coloured saree, adorned with opulent zari work, is six yards of pure sophistication. The luxurious drape of the Maheshwari saree combined with the artistic brilliance of the pallu lends a majestic flair to your look. Each shimmering thread of a handwoven Maheshwari saree narrates a tale of tradition, while the embellishments add a celebratory touch to your ensemble, making it ideal for the big day.

Dreamy Reception Look Saree Look By Taneira

Styling Tips for a Dreamy Reception Look

  • Lightweight and airy fabrics are ideal if you wish to create that dreamy reception look. Choose a breathable fabric that makes you look happy and comfortable on your special day.

  • For an ethereal reception look, go for a pastel-coloured saree. If you pick a vibrant colour, go for one that has ornate zari detailing on it.

  • Sarees with embellishments like sequins, pearls, lace, embroidery or zari are recommended for a formal and grand event like this.

  • Choose a simple hairstyle and keep your make up soft for a dreamy and romantic look.

  • High heels can do the magic! Don’t forget to get yourself a gorgeous pair of gold or silver heels, depending on the work on your saree.

Get spoiled for choice as you explore sarees for your reception day at Taneira. From ethereal sarees with minimal embellishments to dreamlike drapes, the collection truly has something for everyone. Shop online at www.taneira.com or come and experience draping these beautiful sarees at a Taneira store near you.