Embracing Khadi

Embracing Khadi, The Fabric of Our Nation.

03 October, 23

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Khadi Sarees By Taneira

Khadi : An ode to the tapestry of freedom

Khadi is more than just a fabric; it embodies the resilience and self-reliance of our nation. Mahatma Gandhi viewed Khadi as testament to the soul of India, echoing the spirit of the nation's quest for freedom. Paving the way for Swaraj, Khadi bound the nation together.

The versatile fabric has evolved into the “Fabric of diversity” by adapting itself effortlessly and becoming the chosen fabric of different cultures and traditions. India’s legacy fabric continues to weave its magic by highlighting the exemplary skills of Indian artisans.

Handwoven with Love : The Making of a Khadi Saree

The process of making a Khadi saree is a labour of love, where the yarns are hand-spun and handwoven. Artisans breathe life into the threads with their skillful hands, transforming the Khadi saree into a canvas where tradition meets innovation.

Types of Khadi Sarees

The Khadi collection by Taneira forms a captivating canvas where yarns of Cotton, Silk and Tussar are carefully handwoven, creating different types of Khadi sarees.

1. Silk Khadi Cotton Sarees

A silk Khadi cotton saree is one where the richness of silk seamlessly harmonizes with the simplicity of Khadi. The smooth texture and natural sheen of the silk enhances the appeal of these sarees.

Khadi Cotton Saree By Taneira

2. Khadi Cotton Sarees

The timeless Khadi cotton saree weaves a tale of simplicity and sophistication. The comfortable and versatile drape makes it suitable for all occasions. These sarees are a testament to the artisan's skill, encapsulating the essence of traditional craftsmanship and culture.

Jamdani Khadi Cotton Saree By Taneira

3. Tussar Khadi Cotton Sarees

In the world of Tussar Khadi cotton sarees, the weave takes on an earthy elegance. Threads of Tussar silk are entwined with Khadi cotton, imparting a natural gold sheen. Tussar Khadi cotton sarees are comfortable, and the unique texture enhancing its appearance.

Jamdani Khadi Cotton Saree By Taneira

Celebrating Craftsmanship on Khadi Sarees

In addition to the different weaves , Khadi sarees are adorned with different intricate hand-block printed patterns and meticulously handwoven motifs that further elevate its natural charm.

1. Jamdani Khadi Sarees

Motifs inspired by nature and architecture are hand woven with the Jamdani technique, an extra-weft technique originating in the heartland of Bengal. This time-intensive technique highlights the craftsmanship of the saree where scenic and floral motifs appear to gracefully float on the saree.

Jamdani Khadi Sarees  By Taneira

2. Ajrakh Khadi Sarees

Ajrakh hand block printed sarees are known for their earthy hues in shades of red, blue and indigo. The intricate process involves multiple stages of dyeing, creating a distinguishable Ajrakh printed saree adorned with richly hued patterns.

Ajrakh Khadi Sarees By Taneira

3. Bagru Khadi Sarees

The earthy hues and nature-inspired motifs are unique to Bagru, a town renowned for its block printing heritage. The bold Bagru prints elevate the Khadi saree, infusing it with rustic charm.

Bagru Sarees By Taneira

4. Sanganeri Khadi Sarees

Sanganeri handblock printed sarees are crafted in the vibrant town of Sanganer in Rajasthan where the skilled artisans meticulously carve wooden blocks and hand print designs in vibrant colours. The intricate motifs are inspired by nature, lending a vivid dimension to the Khadi saree.

Sanganeri Sarees By Taneira

The Art of Styling Khadi Sarees

Khadi sarees epitomize elegance, bestowing wearers with the power to transform the drape to their desires, transcending the limitations of occasions.

Ajrakh Sarees By Taneira

Khadi is a suitable choice for everyday wear, requiring minimal styling as the inherent charm of the saree shines through. With delicate jewellery such as small studs and a classic watch, paired with with a blouse that complements the saree’s colour, you would have created a harmonious look perfect for everday.

For weddings or formal events, elevate your Khadi saree with opulent accessories. A statement gold neckpiece in traditional Kundan or Polki designs instantly transforms your Khadi saree, making it perfect for an unforgettable evening. An intricate blouse with zardozi or sequin detailing will further elevate your evening look.

For a more contemporary approach, let your personal style shine through and don’t be afraid to experiment. Whether it is a contrasting blouse or a pair of sneakers, a Khadi saree is the perfect canvas for expressing your style.

Debunking Khadi Myths : Khadi ‘un’- clichéd

History yields evidence that Indians have been using handspun garments for centuries now. Till about 300 years ago, all the clusters and craftsmen across the country would have employed Khadi to showcase their artistries.

Myth:- Khadi or Khaddar is type casted as a dull coarse fabric.

Fact:- Khadi is the finest form of fabric to have ever been produced. Its versatile nature ensures that it caters to a range of textures from coarsest to the finest and makes it adaptable for all fashion choices.

Myth:- Khadi products feature basic unexciting designs and lack variety.

Fact:- A very easy fabric to work with, Khadi can be molded effortlessly to achieve color and design perfection. Being extremely flexible, Khadi can accommodate even the most complex weaves like Patan Patola.

Myth:- Khadi is a drab, non-glamorous fabric dyed in earthy colors.

Fact:- As the yarns in Khadi are less twisted and have higher absorbability than mill-spun yarn, Khadi lends itself flawlessly to a wide spectrum of dyes and prints.

Myth:- A thick rough fabric,Khadi is uncomfortable to wear.

Fact:- A soft spun fabric,the threads in Khadi are interwoven to provide air circulation and absorb moisture efficiently thus keeping you cool during hot summers and warm in winters.

Myth:- Khadi is only cotton.

Fact:- Technically any handspun and handwoven natural fabric is called Khadi. Contrary to popular belief, Khadi can also be made from linen, nettle, wool and all forms of silk-tussar, eri, dupion, matka, ghicha , noil, ketia and moonga.

Taneira proudly presents unique masterpieces handcrafted and handwoven to celebrate Khadi. Inculcating the spirit of Khadi, our sarees are simple, natural & indigenous in every aspect.

Each of our Khadi sarees are meticulously handcrafted, narrating a story of its own, a fusion of a multitude of cultures, traditions, landscapes and history integrated into one entity.

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