Garba Nights

The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style for Unforgettable Garba Nights

19 October, 23

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Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

Ae Haalo Garba Ramva!

A folk dance from Gujarat, Garba is now celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. People from different communities come together to celebrate this vibrant and colourful dance form. Garba nights hold extreme significance especially during Navratri and Gujaratis organise Garba and Dandiya events on all nine days of the festival.

Garba nights are a time for celebrating with loved ones, making new friends, enjoying delicious Gujarati delicacies, and most importantly, revelling in the spirit of togetherness as everyone dances to the beat of the Garba songs.

Choosing the Right Garba Attire

Comfortable Garba attire will allow you to fully enjoy the cultural fiesta. However, you can still choose stylish traditional clothing for the perfect pictures. Come, take a look at Taneira’s handpicked range of sarees that you can flaunt this Garba season.

  1. Bandhani Sarees: Bandhani is a popular craft from Gujarat, where Garba also has its roots. Choosing a Bandhani saree is not only a tribute to the rich heritage of Gujarat but also adds a festive touch to your Garba ensemble. What could be a better choice for a fun-filled Garba night?

    Dress up like a true Gujarati as you choose from Taneira’s range of vivid and cheerful Bandhani saree patterns. From breathable Pure Silk Bandhani saree to trendy and airy Pure Georgette Bandhani saree with unique tie-and-dye patterns , you’ll truly be spoilt for choice.

  2. Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

  3. Jamdani Sarees: The extremely breathable Jamdani saree is a unique yet stylish choice for Garba nights. As you dance to the upbeat Garba rhythms, the woven motifs on your Jamdani saree mirror your movements in perfect harmony. The breezy silhouette of your Jamdani flows with every dance move, embracing the festive spirit of Garba Night with its grace.

    Drape a green Jamdani saree in the Gujarati style and flaunt the shimmering motifs like never before. Or, don an orange Jamdani saree with its rich texture for an unforgettable night.

  4. Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

  5. Banarasi Sarees: The grace of the Banarasi Silk fabric and the opulence of the zari work are in tune with the lively spirit of the Garba celebrations. Taneira brings forth a dreamy collection of Banarasi sarees from Organza Banarasi sarees, Silk Kadwa Banarasi sarees, Silk cutwork Banarasi saree, Silk Woven Banarasi saree and many more. Draped in the traditional Gujarati front pallu style, the zari borders of these sarees look magnificent, making them a perfect fit for Garba nights.

  6. Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

  7. Patola Sarees: (change the order - move it to after Bandhani) Yet another example of the exquisite craftsmanship Gujarat, Patola sarees are excellent for Garba nights. The symmetrical patterns all over the saree are created through the painstaking double-ikat weaving technique and the smooth texture of the saree adds to the charm. These sarees are made from soft silk threads and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Add to that the deep-rooted cultural significance of the saree. Wearing a Patola saree for Garba is a great way to honour the culture and traditions of Gujarat.

  8. Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

  9. Paithani Sarees: Draping a saree in the Gujarati style especially highlights the pallu, creating an elegant yet comfortable look. The colourful Paithani sarees, that are much sought after for their elaborate pallus, thus make a perfect choice for Garba. The intricate motifs on the Paithani pallus are meticulously hand woven using silk and metallic threads. The exquisite pallu during Garba is not only a visual treat as you dance the night away, but also a cultural celebration of the crafts of India.

  10. Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

Styling Tips for Garba Night

When it comes to dressing up for Garba, comfort is key for you to enjoy the dance movements and to participate in the cultural activities planned. Some tips to keep in mind while selecting your Garba attire are:

  • The fabric you choose should be breathable, comfortable and should allow for easy movement.
  • Experiment with your blouse and add embellishments such as ghungaroos, mirror work borders and more for the authentic Gujarati look.
  • Adorn lightweight accessories and plan a hairstyle that is easily manageable throughout the evening.
  • Always choose flats or low-heeled sandals as you’re sure to indulge in a lot of dancing.
Taneira Sarees for Garba Nights

How to Wear a Gujarati Style Saree

How you drape your saree also makes an impact on your overall look and comfort level for the day. Draping a Gujarati style saree for Garba is a beautiful choice and adds to the festive appeal. Here’s how you can do it in five simple steps:

Step 1: To drape the saree, make the pleats as usual and pin them up so that you can dance with ease.

Step 2: Hold the pallu in your hands and bring it to the front from over your right shoulder.

Step 3: Ensure that the length of the pallu is long enough so that you can diagonally spread it out on the front and tuck it on the left side of your waist.

Step 4: Feel free to adjust the length of the pallu keeping in mind the design of the saree and your comfort.

Step 5: Don’t hesitate to add a few extra safety pins where needed so that the saree stays in place.

Now that you’re ready with the perfect outfit for the evening, here are some quick tips to help you prepare for the upcoming Garba nights:

  1. Soak in the beats of Garba music and make yourself a playlist which most Garba nights are likely to play. Some songs to include are Sanedo, Dholida Dhol Re Vagad, Chogada Tara, Shubh Aarambh and Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje.

  2. Practice your hand movements and twirls, and practice with dandiya sticks.

  3. Garba is all about having fun with the people you love and also making new friends as you participate in the dances. So keep smiling, keep the enthusiasm up and you’ll surely enjoy it to the fullest.

Get set for an exuberant cultural evening full of music, dance, laughter, traditional attire and meeting people. From the vibrant Bandhani and mirror work sarees to the grand Banarasi and Patola sarees, there are many options for you to choose from this Garba season. Shop for all your favourite sarees from the comfort of your home at or visit a Taneira store in your city for a personalised shopping experience.