The Magic of Gota Patti:
The Perfect Amalgamation of Tradition and Glamour

12 September, 23

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Beige Gota patti Sarees By Taneira

All That Glitters: The Beauty and Versatility of Gota Patti Sarees

As radiant as sunbeams caught in motion, the embroidery art of Gota Patti graces the fabric with tiny pieces of shimmering gold and silver ribbons. This embroidery form found its roots in the culturally rich region of Rajasthan and its history can be traced back to the Mughal Era. The Mughal rulers, known for their love of opulent fabrics, greatly influenced the development of Gota Patti embroidery.

Gota Patti gradually became a symbol of status and weath, and was seen on traditional Rajasthani dresses such as lehengas and odhnis too. Various royal families of Rajasthan played a significant role in popularizing Gota Patti as it adorned their clothing. The intricate embroidery form added a touch of elegance to their regal attire. Yet another school of thought suggests the Gota Patti has its roots in Pakistan, and flourished from Sindh and Punjab to other parts of India.

Red Bridal Gota patti Sarees By Taneira

Gota Patti Embroidery: The Technique

Taneira collaborates with artisans blessed with generational artistic prowess to create Gota Patti masterpieces. These pieces are laboriously handcrafted and designed keeping in mind contemporary styles. Read on to know how this craftform creates magic on textiles.

  • Metallic gold and silver zari ribbons are the foundation of this ornate embroidery art. These zari ribbons, referred to as gota, are carefully selected by artisans, who use their expertise to cut them into small pieces of different shapes. The width of these ribbons can vary and that allows the artisan to carve out the desired shape. The different types of Gota Patti are phool, seekhi, mothda, lappa, bakhandi and bijiya.

  • Small leaf shaped pieces are most commonly used in gota embroidery. Petals, circles, diamonds, triangles, stars and other simple shapes are also used depending on the pattern finalized for the garment.

  • Once the gota ribbons are cut, the small pieces are hand-stitched onto the fabric with utmost care and the edges are sewn down with fine zari threads.

  • The pattern to be created is then traced onto the fabric and chalk markings are made so that the gota patti arrangement can be done on it.

  • The lustrous gota pieces are put together in different patterns across the length and breadth of the fabric, creating a piece of art that is truly a visual delight.

Gota embroidery can be done in various patterns, including florals, vines, geometric, paisleys or other abstract motifs. Taneira proudly presents a unique Gota Patti embroidery range in which the motifs created range from peacocks, elephants and horses to palanquins, diyas and flowers, among many others. These motifs adorn a variety of sarees, including Georgette, Silk, Chiffon, Organza, Cotton and more.

Our collection of Gota Patti saree designs hails from different regions of India, and each has its own unique aesthetic aspects. A cherished art form especially when it comes to textiles in India, gota embroidery looks beautiful as it adds a festive touch to your ethnic wear. Some popular Gota Patti sarees include:

  1. Leheriya: This vibrant and colourful tie-dye Rajasthani saree often features Gota Patti embellishments either on the borders or scattered all over. The zari ribbons are cut into floral, paisley or geometric designs before they are flawlessly sewn onto the Leheriya sarees. The gota embellished Leheriya sarees showcase a union of two traditional Indian crafts and are ideal for weddings and festivities.

  2. Yellow Gota Patti Sarees By Taneira
    Light Yellow Viscose Leheriya Saree
  3. Bandhani: Taneira adds a touch of opulence to traditional Gujarati Bandhani sarees with delicate gota embroidery. The striking colours of the Bandhani sarees and their varied patterns provide a stunning backdrop for the elegant Gota Patti detailing. Gota Patti embroidery is done on the palla to give the saree a heavy look or features all over the saree in different shapes like birds, flowers and more. In addition to this, there are many Gota Patti saree blouse designs that can be paired with printed Bandhani sarees for a festive look.

  4. Pink Pure Silk Chiffon Gota Patti Saree Sarees By Taneira
    Pink Pure Silk Chiffon Gota Patti Saree
  5. Kota Doria: Kota Doria sarees are much loved for their airy, breezy silhouettes and slight sheen. This traditional Rajasthani woven saree looks splendid when the magic of small metallic ribbons is cast on it. The small gota pieces are meticulously embroidered with zari threads that seamlessly merge into the weaves of the saree.

  6. Banarasi: While the woven brocade motifs and luxurious feel of the Banarasi saree wins many hearts, the juxtaposition of the motifs with gota embroidery makes it a truly regal piece. Our collection of Banarasi sarees showcases excellent craftsmanship as two iconic and age-old textile artforms come together to create a timeless ensemble. The interplay between the gold woven motifs and the embellished gota pieces make these sarees a must have in your festive wardrobe.

Gota Patti has been used as a form of embellishment in various other saree styles that you can find at Taneira.

How to Style Sarees with Gota Patti Motifs

As you upgrade your wardrobe with festive gota embroidery sarees, here are some ways to style them:

  1. Gota Patti sarees are heavily embellished so it is recommended that you opt for a simple blouse and minimal accessories with the same.

  2. Most sarees have gota embroidery detailing on the pallas so make sure you keep them open at the back if you’d like a modern look. For those who like to dress the traditional way, you can try draping the palla on the front side like a Gujarati style saree.

  3. Depending on how heavy the embellishments are, Gota Patti sarees can be worn for various occasions. Our stylists recommend rich Banarasi sarees with gota embroidery for big occasions like weddings, and lighter sarees in pastel shades for daytime events and semi-formal outings. These sarees can vary from Georgette and Chiffon to Kota Doria.

  4. Since Gota Patti work is mostly done in gold and silver, traditional kundan or gold jewellery can complement your look.

  5. Experimenting with your blouse is a great idea if you’d like to go off the beaten path. For instance, you can pick a Gota Patti saree blouse design if the saree is relatively simple. Alternatively, you can wear a simple blouse with a zari border if the saree has embellishments all over.

You can also create your own unique draping style when it comes to flaunting Gota Patti sarees.

How to Care for Sarees with Gota Patti Work

Gota Patti is a form of embellishment on sarees and it is important to care for these sarees to ensure the gota pieces or the embroidery do not come out. The following tips can help you care for and maintain your festive sarees:

  1. Professional dry cleaning is strongly recommended for Gota Patti sarees.

  2. Everytime you don a gota embellished saree, make sure you handle it gently and avoid pulling/tugging. This will help prevent any damage to the fabric or the embroidery.

  3. Avoid spraying perfume on the gota embellishments as it can damage or darken the zari ribbon pieces.

  4. Avoid folding your saree from where the embroidery and embellishments are placed.

  5. Always store your heavy festive wear sarees in a cool, dry place and if possible, in a plain Cotton or Muslin bag. When you shop for festive sarees at Taneira, we provide a complimentary Muslin bag that can be used for storage.

Gota Patti sarees at Taneira showcase the traditional craftsmanship and legacy of the artisans who have inherited the skills and use their expertise to create these works of art. We bring to you a collection that is a tribute to the rich heritage of Gota Patti embroidery art, while embracing modern aesthetics. Shop online at and take home a saree that you’d love to adorn.