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5 Comfortable Yet Trendy Saree Styles to Adorn This Karva Chauth

26 October, 23

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Taneira Sarees for Diwali

“Veero Kudiye Karwada
Sarv Suhagan Karwada”

Wondering where you have heard this couplet? This song is often played during Karva Chauth celebrations. With its deep cultural and emotional significance, Karva Chauth is a day of unwavering love and devotion. A festival celebrated by Hindu married women, especially in North India, it involves a day-long fast during which women abstain from food and water as an expression of their devotion and prayer for the well-being and long life of their husbands. In today’s times, husbands have shown their love and support to their better halves by fasting along with them.

The day begins with the sargi ritual, where the mother-in-law presents the daughter-in-law with a thali consisting of sweets, savouries, coconut, sevaiyyan and fruits. This is often accompanied by gifts like sarees, jewellery and more. It is believed that this pre-dawn meal gives women the strength to fast the entire day.

A significant part of Karva Chauth is the special pooja that married women perform in the afternoon. The pooja involves listening to the story of Queen Veeravati, and singing Veero Kudiye Karwada as groups of married women get together and rotate their Karva Chauth thalis. Dressing up in sarees during the Karva Chauth pooja is not only a tradition but is also considered very auspicious. The vibrant hues of the sarees, their intricately woven threads and their aesthetic appeal represent the timeless bond between a husband and wife.

If you’re looking for saree recommendations for Karva Chauth, your search ends here. Taneira presents a gorgeous range of traditional sarees that are ideal for the occasion.

5 Unique Saree Styles You Can Adorn This Karva Chauth

Banarasi Sarees: Banarasi sarees are celebrated for their rich heritage and regal designs and it is not without reason that they are a popular choice for Karva Chauth. While the intricate threads of pure silk are symbolic of the strong marital ties, the opulent zari motifs made using the kadwa technique stand for everything that is truly special in one’s life. The handwoven gold and silver brocades and motifs include floral patterns, evocative vine-like designs, paisley designs and much more. Occasionally, Banarasi silk sarees feature animal and bird motifs like elephants, parrots or peacocks too. While some Banarasi sarees are adorned with symmetrical motifs, others look stunning with jaal or net-like patterns all over the saree.

Traditional colours like red, pink and maroon are often associated with Karva Chauth, and choosing a Banarasi saree in these colours can add to your festive look. Each Banarasi saree is unique and every thread woven to create the majestic patterns has a story to tell. From a classic red Banarasi with intricate gold zari work to a more contemporary pastel Banarasi with silver zari detailing, Taniera’s range of Banarasi sarees can add a touch of timeless elegance to your Karva Chauth ensemble.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Kanjivaram Sarees: Owing to the exceptional craftsmanship and rich heritage of Kanchipuram, many new brides and brides-to-be prefer Kanjivaram sarees for their first Karva Chauth celebrations. Truly exquisite, Kanjivaram sarees are woven with pure silk threads that are first treated in rice water to contribute to the longevity of the saree. They are often passed down through generations as heirlooms, symbolising the timeless beauty and tradition of a pure Kanjivaram silk. This is yet another reason why Kanjivarams are chosen to be worn on this special day.

Taneira’s range of luxurious Kanjivarams is much loved for the intricate gold borders, artistic temple motifs, and jewel-toned colours. No matter the colour you choose, each drape glistens with the essence of opulence, adding to the significance of Karva Chauth. What’s more, the smooth silk fabric ensures an impeccable drape that is comfortable yet graceful.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Chanderi Sarees: Chanderi sarees are known for their lightweight and sheer texture, and these qualities make them comfortable for all-day wear during festivals. Taneira’s range of Chanderi sarees allows you to embrace a traditional look, and seamlessly incorporate a contemporary touch. While a Chanderi silk cotton saree reflects the traditional values associated with Karva Chauth, a breezy Tissue Chanderi saree offers the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern design sensibilities.

Chanderi sarees are not only a wonderful choice for wearing on Karva Chauth but also make for a thoughtful and cherished gift. The finely detailed motifs on each saree are handwoven with careful precision, and range from flowers, birds and animals to small paisleys and geometrical patterns. The delicate, sheer drape of Chanderi sarees radiates elegance and sophistication as you gracefully move through the day's rituals. Chanderi sarees look beautiful across the spectrum of colours, but a red one will surely elevate the charm of your celebrations.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Maheshwari Sarees: A Silk Cotton Maheshwari saree is all you need after a long and tiring day of fasting. Don’t you agree? With the slight sheen of silk and the comfort of cotton, these sarees are a great choice for the last ritual of the day i.e. breaking the fast. The interwoven silk and Cotton yarns give the saree a very soft texture, and the distinctive striped patterns along with the zari motifs add a touch of festive shimmer to your attire.

Maheshwari sarees are available in a wide range of colours, leaving you spoilt for choice to pick a shade that holds a special meaning for you. Taneira’s collection of Maheshwari sarees are a unique blend of comfort, timelessness, and cultural significance making them an ideal choice for this occasion.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Georgette Sarees: Georgette is a lightweight and flowy fabric, making it easy to drape and comfortable to wear throughout the day. A Georgette saree is one of the most versatile options when it comes to selecting an outfit for Karva Chauth. While some sarees boast of embroidered and Chikankari details, others look stunning with block prints or contemporary tie and dye patterns. There are also a wide range of Georgette sarees with sequins or zari work.

It is always a fun idea to experiment with the draping style of your Georgette saree. Georgette sarees can be styled in versatile drapes allowing you to achieve a traditional or contemporary look based on your preference. You can also accessorise your saree look with a belt or a statement necklace.

Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Saree Styling Tips for Karva Chauth

  • Comfort is key during Karva Chauth. Whether it's a traditional silk saree, a Georgette saree, or a Chanderi saree, choose one that you feel comfortable in and that complements your personal style.

  • For the Karva Chauth pooja, don’t hesitate to wear a heavy saree in a traditional colour like red. Such a saree will look beautiful with an antique gold necklace and earrings. Traditional jewellery such as bangles and a mangalsutra will also elevate the look.

  • Applying mehendi or henna on your hands is considered auspicious during Karva Chauth, you can go for simplistic floral designs or opt for more traditional and intricate ones.

  • Taneira Sarees for Diwali

Whether you opt for a traditional Banarasi saree, a regal Kanjivaram, a delicate Chanderi, an artistic Maheshwari, or a lightweight Georgette, the saree becomes a canvas for tradition, culture and elegance. Just like Karva Chauth celebrates the bond between you and your better half, Taneira celebrates the occasion by offering the most exquisite range of sarees for you to choose from. Explore the festive collection at www.taneira.com or find a store near you today.

Happy Karva Chauth, ladies!