Modern Saree Look

Go Off the Beaten Path: Flaunt a Modern Saree Look for this New Year Party

14 December, 23

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Modern Saree Look By Taneira

As we gear up for the year end celebrations and New Year parties, it’s time to get set for a joyful and memorable time with friends and family. New Year celebrations often bring people together, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Whether it's family gatherings, parties with friends or large community events, people join in the festivities and usher in the new year in their own special ways.

Whether you're hosting a gathering or attending various events, planning what to wear for the New Year party can be an exciting process. Opting for a saree for such an occasion is a great choice. It is, in fact, one of the most versatile options when it comes to dressing up for a year end party. Different New Year parties call for diverse saree styles that suit the occasion. Read on to see how you can flaunt a modern saree look this New Year’s while also incorporating traditional elements for various events.

Banarasi Sarees for Opulent Celebrations

Banarasi sarees are a preferred choice for grand celebrations and not without reason. The opulence, intricate zari weaving, rich Silk fabric and timeless elegance are reasons enough for you to opt for this saree style for a grand New Year party. Whether you choose an heirloom piece for this occasion or pick a stunning piece from Taneira, wearing a Banarasi saree for a New Year celebration is a sophisticated choice. These sarees blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, offering a perfect balance for those who appreciate both heritage and modern aesthetics.

This New Year’s eve, opt for a vibrant and celebratory colour where your Banarasi saree matches the vibe of the occasion.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Tissue Sarees for Elegant Sit-down Dinners

An invitation to a sit-down dinner is always exciting. Don’t we start thinking of what to wear to the occasion the moment we receive the invite? Well, with this recommendation, we have made the task easy for you. The delicate nature of a Tissue saree makes it perfectly suited for an elegant dining setting for New Year’s. The lightweight fabric ensures you are comfortable throughout, and the spectacular sheen adds to the sophistication of your look. Paired with the right accessories and a tastefully designed blouse, you’re all set for an evening to remember.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Chiffon Sarees for House Parties

The clinking of glasses, never-ending music, experimental dishes, fun games and the warmth of loved ones – these are a few of everyone’s favourite things! And this, indeed, is the recipe for any successful house party. Wander off the well-worn path for the house party this New Year’s eve as you drape yourself in a Chiffon saree. Chiffon is a breathable and airy fabric that ensures maximum comfort as you celebrate with loved ones, and especially if you’re the host. The gentle drape of a Chiffon saree allows you to effortlessly transition from casual conversations to impromptu dance sessions.

Offering a blend of comfort and style, Chiffon sarees look pretty no matter what the colour is. Be it a breezy yellow, baby pink or light blue saree or a bold red, dark pink or green saree, feel free to play around with the draping style for a fresh and modern look.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Georgette Sarees for Energetic Dance Parties

Dance parties are always fun but wearing the right attire makes all the difference. It is important for you to be extremely comfortable and at ease so you are able to enjoy the evening to the fullest. As you usher in the New Year with a lively dance party, a Georgette saree is sure to be the best choice for the evening. The flowy fabric of a Georgette saree allows for easy movement on the dance floor, and lets you dance the night away without a worry in the world. Take your pick from Taneira’s range of Georgette sarees with minimal embellishments, vibrant Leheriya prints or evergreen zari motifs. As you twirl and sway to the beats of the music, the Georgette saree flows like a gentle cascade and lets you welcome the New Year with grace.

For a contemporary and stylish look at a New Year party, consider trendy colours that resonate with the celebratory atmosphere. From the chic violets and yellows to the resplendent reds and blacks – you’re all set for an upbeat New Year celebration.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Silk Sarees for Intimate Gatherings

A cosy family get-together is a delightful way to ring in the New Year. The air is filled with the aroma of shared stories and the anticipation of new beginnings. As you celebrate with your dearest family, adorn a gorgeous Silk saree to mark the occasion. Choose from the family heirloom sarees or pick a contemporary Silk saree that you can style in a unique way with a trendy blouse and accessories. Taneira boasts of everything from pure South Silk sarees and Kanjivarams to Tussar Silk sarees and even woven Patola beauties.

While the rich Silk fabric and the intricate craftsmanship of these sarees add a traditional touch to your ensemble, you can flaunt a modern saree look by trying out new draping styles, pairing it with modern jewellery or even wearing a cape over the saree for an unconventional look.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Organza Sarees for Epic New Year Countdowns

Extraordinary occasions like these call for extraordinary celebrations, and ofcourse dressing up! Wrap yourself in the sheer elegance of an Organza saree as you count down to the New Year. The inherent shimmer of Organza captures and reflects the glimmer of the festive lights, casting a radiant glow that mirrors the excitement of the countdown. The detailed thread embroidery and the glittering embellishments on Taneira’s collection of Organza sarees add to the exuberant atmosphere.

A regal gold, silver, black or midnight blue Organza saree will be a great choice as you transition into the sparkling new year and get excited for the new beginnings.

Modern Saree Look By Taneira

Saree Styling Tips for New Year Parties

How you choose to style your saree significantly influences your overall look. The manner in which you adorn your saree can transform it into a modern masterpiece. Here are some styling tips to get you going this New Year’s:

  1. Whether you choose a traditional saree or go for one with a contemporary touch, try innovative draping styles to give your saree a modern twist.

  2. Accessorise your outfit with a signature necklace, a belt or a brooch for a unique look.

  3. Opt for a fusion blouse and explore styles like off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, high neck or crop tops to add a touch of modernity to your ensemble.

  4. Layer your saree and elevate your look as you adorn a smart jacket or cape over it.

  5. Keep your makeup minimal and formal. Also, try out hairstyles that bring out the best in you and make you feel comfortable.

As you bid farewell to the current year and prepare to ring in the New Year, pave your own way and embrace a modern saree look for the New Year party. Explore an exquisite collection of sarees perfect for the celebration at or visit a Taneira store in your city today.