Navratri Hues

Navratri Hues: Designer-Approved Sarees for the 9 Auspicious Days of Celebration

20 October, 23

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Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Navratri officially marks the beginning of the festive season in India and people all over the country have their own unique ways of celebrating the nine days dedicated to Goddess Durga. Each day of Navratri is associated with the Goddess’ nine forms, and each day also stands for a colour that is symbolic of her many qualities. No matter which part of India you live in, it is considered auspicious to dress in these colours on the nine days of the Hindu festival.

Wondering what these colours are and what your Navratri wardrobe should look like? Our designers are here with a stunning collection of sarees in the vibrant Navratri colours to help you celebrate the festival with style. Read on!

Day 1: White

As in many cultures, white is associated with peace and innocence even during Navratri. Wearing white on the first day of Navratri invokes a sense of calmness and purity in one’s thoughts.

Outfit of the Day:Adorn a simple yet beautiful white Jamdani saree today. The intricate motifs weave a celebration of tradition, while the white colour symbolises purity and devotion. An ideal choice for the puja on the first day. Let this white jamdani saree be your canvas as you prepare for the colourful festivities ahead.

If you’d like to keep it light and breezy, choose a white Organza saree that would be perfect to kickstart the festivities.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 2: Red

Red signifies beauty, strength and fearlessness. It is believed that wearing red on this day helps keep evil forces at bay. On the other hand, red also signifies enthusiasm and a joyful spirit, perfect for celebrating with loved ones.

Outfit of the Day:Our designers recommend two types of sarees for today – from formal red South Silk sarees to pure red Banarasi Silk sarees for women celebrating an elaborate puja at home. While the South Silk saree looks radiant with woven details all over, the Banarasi Silk is opulent and perfect for a day of festivities. No matter which of the saree styles you choose, the red colour is sure to make you fall in love with it.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 3: Blue

The colour blue, or royal blue, stands for abundance, prosperity and good health. Wearing blue on the third day of Navratri is linked to feelings of well-being, richness and growth. While some people dress up in blue on this day, others also try to incorporate the colour in their surroundings.

Outfit of the Day:Taneira’s range of Navratri sarees is curated keeping in mind the women of today and comes in many shades of blue. A Tussar Silk Bhagalpuri saree or a Cotton Maheshwari saree are beautiful options for this day of Navratri. Depending on how heavy or light you want to dress up, you can choose between the two. While the Tussar Silk saree is recommended for its luxurious feel and slight sheen, the Cotton Maheshwari saree is much loved for its breezy silhouette and all-day comfort.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 4: Yellow

From flaunting a vibrant yellow saree today to offering yellow flowers to the Goddess, there are many ways in which devotees seek blessings on this day of Navratri. The colour yellow represents happiness, positivity and a sense of cheerfulness. In Indian culture, it also stands for fertility and embodies the essence of the harvest season.

Outfit of the Day:Offering the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and exquisiteness, a yellow Kanjivaram saree is our designer’s pick for today. These heirloom sarees have been a symbol of elegance and tradition since centuries, and what could be a better day to wear it on! The rich golden hues of the Silk saree combined with the intricate woven border will surely make you look resplendent as you immerse yourself in the festivities.

An opulent Banarsi saree is another gorgeous recommendation from our designers for this day. Banarasi Silk, known for its exceptional weaving and luxurious texture, looks gorgeous when laid out in a vibrant yellow shade. Add to it the craftsmanship on the pallu and the borders and you’re all set for the celebrations.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 5: Green

Green is the colour of nature, symbolizing hope, growth and renewed energy. Wear green today if you wish to seek blessings for new beginnings and look forward to positive changes in your life.

Outfit of the Day:Garba nights are often organized during Navratri and if you’re headed to one today, don’t forget to get your hands on a green Silk Bandhani saree. While the tie-dye patterns add a festive touch to your ensemble, the Silk fabric lends a luxurious feel to it, making you feel both elegant and comfortable as you dance the night away.

For those planning a quiet evening aarti with family, our designers recommend a sophisticated and comfortable Silk Linen Jamdani saree.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 6: Grey

The colour grey, often linked to qualities of courage and righteousness, carries a unique significance. It serves as a reminder to stay rooted in one’s values, fostering a down-to-earth approach in life.

Outfit of the Day:The earthy feel of a Tussar Silk saree aligns with the significance of the grey colour during Navratri. Adorning a subtle grey Tussar saree symbolizes a blend of tradition and contemporary sensibility. Taneira’s Silk hand-painted sarees are beautiful options for this day too. They are like pieces of art, narrating a story of artistry and tradition.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 7: Orange

Don’t forget to dress up in orange as you offer prayers on the seventh day of Navratri. The colour is associated with warmth, exuberance and a celebratory atmosphere.

Outfit of the Day:Soak in the festive spirit as you adorn a rich and vibrant Silk Paithani saree today. Known for its splendid craftsmanship and intricate woven designs on the pallu, a traditional Paithani saree is ideal for Navratri puja, Garba nights, Durga puja pandal hopping and more.

An orange Silk Kanjeevaram saree is a great choice too if you’re participating in cultural performances, visiting the artistic pandals in your city, or simply spending quality time with loved ones.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 8: Peacock Green

Wearing the unique peacock green colour on Ashtami is considered very auspicious. Goddess Mahagauri, who is worshipped on this day, is associated with this colour and it stands for her divine qualities of purity, tranquility, and balance.

Outfit of the Day:The designers at Taneira believe that the refreshing peacock green shade breathes new life into any festive wardrobe. Thus, this South Silk saree’s graceful drape and distinctive colour combination make it a fitting choice for the important Ashtami rituals.

You can also opt for an embroidered Tussar Silk saree. This peacock green saree is complete with minimal mirror work in a contrasting pink shade.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Day 9: Pink

Pink is the colour of kindness, love and compassion. Wearing this calming colour on Navami is a meaningful choice and signifies a sense of love and harmony among people.

Outfit of the Day:Draping regal Kanjivaram or ethereal Tissue sarees on the final day of Navratri is like embracing the cultural traditions in their full splendour. Each fold of these rich Silk sarees celebrates the grandeur of Indian culture and festivals. Be it the graceful zari detailing of the Kanjivaram saree or the flamboyant motifs of the Paithani, both are excellent options for the Navami Puja.

Taneira Sarees for Navratri

Styling Tips for Navratri

While it’s always fun to experiment with your saree look, here are some styling tips to get you going this festive season:

  1. As you coordinate your outfit with the colour of the day, match it with oxidized silver jewellery or conventional gold jewellery depending on the work on your saree.

  2. Have fun trying out new blouse designs, including off-shoulder, boat neck, puffed sleeves and more.

  3. Navratri is an exciting time to experiment with the pallu draping styles. For instance, if you’re attending a Garba night, try a Gujarati style front pallu. Similarly for Durga Puja outings, you can drape your saree in the Bengali style with the pallu coming over the left shoulder.

  4. Sarees are truly versatile and most hairstyles go well with them. So whether you like to keep your hair open, tie them up in a bun or flaunt a long braid on the side, adding a few flowers will go great with your festive look.

All in all, Navrati is a time to rejoice for saree lovers as you have countless occasions to adorn all your favourites in the nine days. Align your choice of colour with the auspicious Navratri colours and get spoilt for choice as you indulge in the Navratri Utsav Edit by Taneira. Pick the sarees you love, celebrate with loved ones and don’t forget to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Shubh Navratri!