Reception Saree Ideas

5 Reception Saree Ideas: A Fusion of Tradition and Trend

26 December, 23

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Reception Sarees By Taneira

A wedding reception is a grand finale to a series of wedding festivities. It also marks the beginning of the couple’s journey together as they officially meet and greet the world for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. No matter which part of the country you are in, reception dinners are often celebrated with vibrant enthusiasm. While the different communities in India may have their own unique ways of celebrating this union of two souls and families, the ambiance is one of jubilation. There are countless moments of joy as the couple dances, mingles with guests and revels in the warmth of the company around them.

The choice to adorn oneself in a saree on such an occasion is nothing short of perfect. A saree matches the grandeur of the celebration and becomes a symbol of tradition as you step into the journey of marital bliss. Taneira brings forth a collection of sarees where traditional weaves, motifs and embroidery techniques are revitalised with a modern touch. Let’s take a look at some of them that are ideal for wedding receptions:

Regal Kanjeevarams

Handwoven with precision with threads steeped in tradition, Kanjeevaram sarees are symbolic of rich cultural heritage and meticulous craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. Adorned in bold and vibrant hues, these sarees are replete with intricate zari motifs that take inspiration from the impressive South Indian temple architecture. These motifs are seamlessly intertwined with gold zari designs inspired by mythological figures, flora and fauna. It is not without reason that the legacy of Kanjeevaram sarees transcends time, weaving stories of tradition, craftsmanship and timeless beauty that resonate through familial lineages. Considered as heirloom pieces, they are a popular choice among newlyweds and often a preferred option for post wedding reception dinners.

Kanjeevaram sarees effortlessly bridge the gap between age-old traditions and contemporary fashion. Taneira’s range of Kanjeevarams encapsulates centuries of craftsmanship in its Silk weaves and zari shimmer while embracing the evolving tastes of modern brides. From the fine Silk fabric to the opulent pallu and the rich contrasting border, a Kanjeevaram saree is not only a visual delight but a truly special and significant choice for the big milestone of weddings.

Reception Sarees By Taneira

Artisanal Tussars

The textured Tussar Silk sarees are handcrafted by skilled artisans with generational talent. The irregularities in the weave are marks of authenticity and make each piece a wearable piece of art. Thus, no two sarees are identical and it is this personalised touch that makes Tussar Silk sarees truly cherished pieces. The handcrafted motifs and designs on Taneira’s collection of Tussar Silk sarees bears the imprint of the weaver's creativity. Whether it's the precision of traditional motifs or the contemporary flair of modern designs, each pattern is a result of the days of labour put in by the exceptionally talented artisans.

The textured feel, unique design and natural sheen of a Tussar Silk saree makes it an exquisite and distinctive choice for a wedding reception. For your special day, choose a Tussar with zari embroidery, resham work, gota embellishments, threadwork or hand painted designs. Get set for a memorable evening as you begin the most beautiful chapter of your life donning this one-of-a-kind Silk saree.

Reception Sarees By Taneira

Celebratory Banarasi Silks

Banarasi Silks are synonymous with celebrations and we couldn’t agree more! The sarees are handcrafted with Silk that is much loved for its luxurious texture and slight sheen. The elaborate use of zari from distinct patterns, intricate motifs and detailed Brocade work adds a touch of glamour to the saree. These motifs often draw inspiration from symbols from Mughal art and also feature florals, paisleys and geometric patterns. With the pallus heavily decorated with zari embroidery, these sarees make for the perfect fit for a grand and memorable wedding reception.

A much sought after saree style especially when it comes to bridal trousseau and attire, Banarasi sarees embrace age-old traditions and each weave narrates a tale of masterful workmanship. Dress up on your big day in this very traditional saree and give it your own unique touch as you style it in a contemporary way. Taneira offers Banarasi sarees in a spectrum of colours, from classic reds and golds to contemporary pastels.

Reception Sarees By Taneira

Romantic Chiffons

What better way to begin your married life than by dressing up in a graceful and chic Chiffon saree. Known for their lightweight and ethereal appearance, Chiffon sarees have excellent draping qualities, allowing them to fall gracefully and create a fluid silhouette. As you make your entrance on the grand day, the Chiffon saree gracefully follows your movements, creating a flowy silhouette that exudes both confidence and charm. Pair your Chiffon saree with a well-designed blouse, and don't shy away from experimenting with unique draping styles that showcase a fusion of tradition and trend.

What’s more, the sheer nature of the fabric further accentuates the charm of the embroidery and embellishments that are often found on Chiffon sarees. Taneira boasts of a range of Chiffon sarees ideal for special occasions like wedding receptions. They come in lively hues and are complete with embellishments like gota patti, sequins, lace and pearls, modern prints like florals and stripes, and traditional prints like Bandhani. For your big day, pick a saree that features a combination of prints and embellishments as they add a touch of glamour to the ensemble.

Reception Sarees By Taneira

Shimmering Organzas

Opting for a sheer and crisp Organza saree for your reception is an offbeat and beautiful choice. The fabric’s fine texture and its translucency lends an ethereal quality to the saree. Add to that the lightweight nature of the saree that is sure to make you feel comfortable for hours together. What truly sets an Organza saree apart is not just its sheer quality but the exquisite craftsmanship that adorns its surface. Occasion wear Organza sarees at Taneira flaunt intricate embroidery, delicate sequin work, gota patti detailing and the opulence of zari. These embellishments, woven with precision, add a touch of grandeur while maintaining the saree's inherent delicacy.

While rooted in the heritage of traditional sarees, Organza's versatility welcomes contemporary designs and patterns. For your reception, consider dressing up in a pastel Organza saree for a dreamy look. As the Organza saree drapes gracefully around the body, its well-defined pleats and folds create a silhouette of timeless beauty and grace.

Reception Sarees By Taneira

Saree Styling Tips for Reception:

  • Choose a fabric you’re most comfortable in. It is important for the saree to be draped comfortably as you may need to carry it for extended hours.

  • Don’t hesitate to try a contemporary draping style even if you opt for a traditional saree for your reception. Traditional sarees with a modern twist are sure to look stunning on you.

  • You can even experiment with your blouse style and try out something trendy. From bell sleeves and boat necks to cap sleeves and classic round necks, go for the style you would feel confident in.

  • Statement accessories are always a great idea for the perfect reception look. Adorn heavy temple jewellery with your Kanjeevaram saree or pick sparkling diamond earrings to go with your Organza saree.

So whether you choose the classic and traditional Silks for your wedding reception or go for the more versatile Organzas, Chiffons and Tussars, Taneira boasts of a collection you’d love to explore. Irrespective of the style you pick, these sarees represent a harmonious marriage of tradition and trend, where each thread woven becomes a link connecting the rich heritage of the past with modern design sensibilities.

Discover a wide range of wedding sarees for every occasion at or visit a Taneira store in your city for a personalised shopping experience.