saree blouse styles you can wear this wedding season

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season

27 December, 23

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5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

Picture this: A contemporary Chanderi Indigo saree with a contrasting elbow-sleeved Ajrakh blouse with traditional motifs all over. Or, the same Indigo saree with a formal Silk sleeveless blouse with a collar and lace details at the back.

The way you style your blouse totally changes the look of your saree. Don’t you agree?

The art of styling a saree extends beyond the drape to the careful selection and design of the blouse. Different occasions call for different looks and the saree blouse plays a significant role when it comes to planning the same. The neckline of the blouse plays an important role, whether it's a boat neck, a sweetheart neckline or a traditional square or round-neck. The sleeves, whether long, short or breezy and playful, contribute to the overall aesthetic. Similarly, the design of the back and the length of the blouse also contributes to achieving the look you have in mind. Selecting the right fabric, colour, and incorporating embroidery or embellishments in your blouse will further enhance the saree's appeal.

Exploring various saree blouse styles can add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your ensemble. Here are some traditional and trendy blouse styles to consider:

Regal Brocade Blouses

You can never go wrong with a Brocade. Pair your saree with a Brocade blouse to add a touch of traditional grandeur to your ensemble. The rich texture, intricate woven patterns and vibrant colours make it a timeless choice for weddings, festivals and more such special occasions. What’s more, Brocade comes in various patterns like paisley motifs, intricate floral designs and even continuous geometric patterns that are woven all over the fabric. This makes Brocade a versatile option when it comes to pairing it with traditional or contemporary sarees. While the zari work makes it a perfect fit for traditional sarees, the styling of the blouse can also seamlessly integrate it with contemporary sarees.

Brocade blouses look stunning with pure Silk sarees like Kanjivaram as well as Banarasi sarees. This look is ideal for weddings and other such traditional affairs. For a modern look, you can even pair Brocade blouses in pastel colours with flowy Georgette and Organza sarees adorned with delicate embellishments.

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

Evergreen Embroidered Blouses

Add elegance to your ensemble with a beautiful embroidered saree blouse from Taneira. The world of embroidered blouses is vast and diverse, showcasing a rich tapestry of fabrics, techniques and cultural influences. Each type of embroidery and fabric carries its own unique charm and adds a distinctive character to your look. For instance, threadwork, zari, zardozi, Chikankari, Kantha, Phulkari and Schiffli are some types of embroidery that can often be seen on blouse pieces. The fabrics on which these embroideries are done vary from Cotton, Silk and Georgette to Viscose, Velvet and Net.

Threadwork embroidery blouses are evergreen and suit both casual and formal occasions. On the other hand, zari and zardozi blouses are more festive and are ideal for special occasions with traditional Silk sarees like Banarasi, Patola and Paithani, among others. The winter wedding season is ideal if you wish to flaunt Velvet blouses with elaborate zari embroidery, as velvet not only looks vibrant but also gives you the much needed warmth on a cold winter evening.

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

An Artistic Handcrafted Ikat Blouses

An Ikat blouse is a sophisticated choice when it comes to planning your attire for a wedding. Ikat blouses, with their bold and geometric handwoven motifs, showcase the dedication of skilled artisans, making each piece a unique masterpiece. Ikat is a labour intensive dyeing and weaving technique, making each piece a true work of art. The beauty of Ikat lies in its versatility; it can feature geometric shapes, abstract forms or ethnic motifs and is often characterized by vibrant colour combinations. An Ikat blouse is a statement piece that weaves together the threads of tradition and modernity. This is what makes it great for pairing with a wide range of saree styles during the wedding season.

Perfectly suited for both daytime ceremonies and evening celebrations, Ikat blouses effortlessly bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary fashion. These blouses complement a variety of saree fabrics, from luxurious Silks to lightweight Georgettes. They are best paired with Silk sarees with bold borders, Rajasthani sarees with woven details or block print and occasion wear Chanderi sarees.

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

Cheerful and Lively Leheriya Blouses

Leheriya blouses, with their vibrant hues and undulating stripes, are nothing less than statement pieces. The Leheriya patterns are a result of meticulous craftsmanship and capture the spirit of celebration. Bright colours are a fantastic choice for Leheriya blouses, as they complement the lively and dynamic patterns of Leheriya designs. The dancing stripes move gracefully across the blouse as you dance the night away with your loved ones. To add to that, the rich hues of Leheriya fabrics tell a tale of tradition and festivity. They add a touch of vibrancy to your outfit and look stunning when accentuated with dramatic sleeve styles like bell sleeves or long puffed sleeves.

Leheriya patterned blouses can be paired with many different saree styles. You can pair them with Bandhani sarees as they feature similar tie-dye patterns or with flowy Chiffon and Georgette sarees for a contemporary touch. Pure Tussar Silk sarees with their rich texture can be paired with a Leheriya blouse for a rustic look.

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

Chic and Trendy Printed Blouses

A printed blouse gives you the freedom to experiment with your look, serving as a canvas for self-expression. Prints can vary from bold florals to delicate paisleys, from traditional motifs to trendy geometric designs and so on. Printed saree blouses allow you to play with colours, patterns and designs, transforming your attire into a unique reflection of your style. The versatility of a printed blouse extends across various occasions and this makes it a perfect fit for various events leading up to a wedding.

A floral printed blouse with a plain saree, irrespective of the fabric, is a much loved choice among the women of today. Dual-toned sarees also look beautiful when paired with a stylish printed blouse. Try out a classic Silk saree with a floral printed blouse, or go for a playful look as you pair a Kota or Georgette saree with a Bohemian printed blouse.

5 Saree Blouse Styles You Can Wear This Wedding Season By Taneira

Saree Blouse Styling Tips for This Wedding Season

As you take your pick from the variety of blouses, it is important to decide what style you want to carry. The style of the blouse complements the saree and contributes to the look you want for that particular occasion. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The neckline is key. For the wedding season, formal necklines like an off shoulder, boat neck, collar, sweetheart neck and a classic round neck with dori at the back are great options.

  • While some prefer to add a border at the back, others would enjoy trying out a huge fun knot.

  • Full sleeves are preferred for a lot of saree blouses to be worn during winter weddings. You can add a touch of drama to the sleeves by trying bell, puffed or ruffled sleeves. However, if you like shorter sleeves, you can always try elbow length, cap sleeves or even sleeveless blouses with a fine border for finishing.

  • A peplum blouse with a flared waist can provide a contemporary and chic look. This style can be paired with various types of sarees, including Silk and Georgette.

  • You can even add a touch of playful elegance by incorporating tasteful tassels into your blouse design.

The wedding season calls for amping up your wardrobe with various saree styles and selecting the right saree blouses is crucial. Check out the range of readymade saree blouses at and save the hassle of running around to find the perfect fit for your very special saree.