Stunning Mehendi Look

Mehendi Lookbook: Your Ultimate Guide to a Stunning Mehendi Look

25 December, 23

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Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

The countdown up to a wedding is filled with mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement. The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most important occasions leading up to the wedding. A truly vibrant affair, a Mehendi function is known to be a kaleidoscope of colour and traditions. The Mehendi application on the bride’s hands and feet is a sacred ritual, with each stroke representing blessings for the bride's future.

The ritual is accompanied by traditional décor, culinary delights, dance performances and beautiful ethnic attire. The Mehendi ceremony is a night to remember for the entire family and photographers weave their magic capturing all the special moments from the event. Dressing up for Mehendi ceremonies involves wearing cheerful festive attire, adorned with traditional jewellery and accessories, creating a look that reflects the joyous spirit of the celebration.

Here is your ultimate guide to dressing up for the next Mehendi night you’re attending.

Graceful Georgette Sarees

The lightweight, flowy fabric of Georgette sarees is ideal for festive occasions, especially for vibrant Mehendi evenings. Since they often involve a lot of dancing and other fun activities, the comfort that a Georgette saree can provide is unmatched. It not only looks stunning but also allows you to enjoy the festivities with ease.

Taneira’s range of green Georgette sarees boasts of everything from Leheriya and Banarasi to Lucknowi Chikankari. You’ll truly be spoilt for choice as you explore these green sarees for a Mehendi night. What’s more, traditional prints like florals and Leheriya complement the festive atmosphere of a Mehendi function. While you go for a classic green saree for the occasion, don’t hesitate to pair it with a contrasting blouse to add a pop of colour.

Pro Tip: Add a modern twist to your attire by wearing a belt as a statement accessory with your Georgette saree.

Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

Serene Silk Cotton Sarees

Silk Cotton sarees combine the goodness of both fabrics – the richness of Silk and the comfort of Cotton. These sarees are much loved for their luxurious feel, perfect drape and extreme comfort. While the breathable nature of Cotton ensures that you can be active and at ease throughout the festivities, the lustre of the Silk fabric makes it ideal for important occasions.

For a Mehendi function, choose a Silk Cotton saree with a bright contrasting border, or go ahead with one that features intricate patterns. Taneira range of Silk Cotton sarees comes with zari work, embroidered details and intricate weaves inspired by traditional motifs for this special occasion. You can take your pick from a myriad shades of green like peacock green, olive green, light green and parrot green, among others. As you adorn yourself in a green Silk Cotton saree, you become a reflection of the vibrant spirit of Mehendi celebrations.

Pro Tip: Hold the pallu pleats together and arrange them over your left shoulder if you wish to highlight the border of your Silk Cotton saree. Or, bring them to the front from over your right shoulder for a casual yet stylish vibe.

Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

Shimmering Tissue Sarees

A Tissue saree for a Mehendi function is a great choice as every fold looks gorgeous with a subtle shimmer. The Tissue fabric lends itself beautifully to intricate embroidery and embellishments, creating a stunning interplay of light and texture. As you sway to the music on a Mehendi night, the drape of the flowy Tissue saree resembles the sparkle of a starry sky! Be it a rich emerald green or a minimal light green Tissue saree, the lightweight nature of the fabric ensures that you can comfortably dance and celebrate, with the saree gracefully flowing with every step.

The Tissue saree range at Taneira includes everything from a Tissue Silk Maheshwari to a Georgette Tissue woven saree. Pick one you like for a memorable Mehendi evening and style it in your own unique way.

Pro Tip: If your Tissue saree has a contrasting border or pallu, highlight it with a unique draping style.

Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

Classic South Silk Sarees

Opting for a South Silk saree for a Mehendi function is a wonderful choice that seamlessly blends tradition with a touch of minimalism. Known for their rich texture, zari borders and traditional motifs, these sarees make a perfect fit for celebratory occasions like Mehendi ceremonies. As you adorn a classic South Silk saree for a loved one’s Mehendi, feel free to choose from various shades of green at Taneira, or opt for a unique bright coloured saree to suit your style.

Experiment with the draping style of your South Silk saree to highlight its signature zari border. Depending on the look you desire for the occasion, you can try out a saree with a gold or silver zari border and pair it with matching accessories. This combination of Silk and zari creates a splendid contrast, with the lustrous zari border enhancing the richness of the Silk and your overall look too.

Pro Tip: Drape the pallu of your South Silk saree across your neck (from left to right) to highlight the zari border, and to achieve a contemporary look with your traditional saree.

Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

Regal Banarasi Sarees

Soak in the rituals and traditions at a Mehendi function as you dress in your traditional best. A Banarasi saree is a timeless masterpiece with elaborate Brocade work and woven motifs. The drape of a Banarasi saree looks graceful as glistening gold and silver threads weave traditional motifs, intricate paisleys and delicate floral patterns all over. Pick a pure Silk Banarasi saree for traditional elegance, or an Organza or Georgette woven Banarasi saree for a contemporary twist.

A Banarasi saree is truly a delightful choice for a Mehendi ceremony. The rich Silk fabric of the Banarasi saree ensures a flawless drape, and the opulent zari motifs tell tales of heritage and craftsmanship. As the mehendi artist creates intricate designs with henna on your hands, the Banarasi saree adds to the festive vibe by becoming a canvas that mirrors the beauty and intricacy of the mehendi patterns.

Pro Tip: Drape your saree in a traditional way to showcase the intricate patterns all over.

Stunning Mehendi Look Sarees By Taneira

Styling Tips for a Stunning Mehendi Look

  • This vibrant occasion is your chance to experiment with statement accessories and over-sized jhumkas. Don’t hesitate to try on huge jhumkas or chandbalis with your saree, or accentuate your look with a long and heavy neckpiece.

  • Keep in mind that you’ll be getting henna applied to your hands so choose a draping style you’re most comfortable in.

  • Choose a hairstyle that complements your outfit but is also easy to manage throughout the evening.

  • Add to your make-up with a minimal bindi that matches your outfit.

  • Don’t forget to carry a small but chic clutch. This will make it easy for you to keep your phone and other belongings safe while you have henna on your hands.

  • If you love dancing, remember to wear comfortable flat sandals or experiment with sneakers under your saree!

Achieve a flawless look with Taneira’s range of Mehendi sarees, boasting of an ideal blend of tradition and modern elegance. Shop online at or locate a store in your city for a personalised shopping experience.