World of Blue Sarees

Elegance in Every Drape: Explore the Enchanting World of Blue Sarees

14 January, 24

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World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

Tranquility. Serenity. Depth. Elegance. Grace. These and a lot more qualities that the colour blue is associated with make it a popular choice in various contexts. From fashion and design to art and home décor, there is no genre that is complete without the use of the colour blue. Incorporating blue into your wardrobe can bring a versatile and stylish element to your fashion choices. It comes in various shades, is suitable for formal as well as semi-formal occasions, is known to have a positive impact on one’s frame of mind and allows you to express different moods and styles.

As we enter the enchanting world of blue sarees, we discover elegance, tradition and timeless beauty. Blue sarees hold a special place in the hearts of many, embodying a perfect blend of elegance and cultural significance. From the soothing light blues to the deep and regal royal blues, each shade of the colour blue has its own charm and is suitable for different occasions. What’s more, the colour blue serves as a beautiful base for motifs that are often seen on handloom sarees. Peacocks, lotuses, paisleys, animal motifs and intricate floral patterns are woven or embroidered onto blue sarees, adding a touch of tradition and symbolism.

Whether you prefer traditional weaves or contemporary designs, Taneira brings forth a range of blue saree that suits every taste and preference.

The Serene Hue of Blue Banarasi Sarees

The land of the sacred Ganga river is also much loved for the resplendent Banarasi handloom sarees it is home to. The association of Banaras with the Ganga serves as a beautiful inspiration for the creation of blue Banarasi sarees. A blue Banarasi saree, much like the Ganga herself, captures the tranquility of the sacred waters. The choice of blue, ranging from serene pastels to deeper, darker shades, pays homage to the river's ever-changing demeanour.

Banarasi sarees, well known for their intricate craftsmanship and signature zari work, echo the traditions of this age-old city. From ornate peacock and other animal motifs to floral bouquets, paisley bootis, jaals and geometric patterns, the zari embroidery looks majestic on the classic blue Silk. The saree thus becomes an amalgamation of tradition and art, as the traditional motifs in golden zari threads dance all over the smooth Silk fabric..

World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

Graceful Blue Organza Drapes

The sheer elegance of an Organza saree and its ethereal beauty is further enhanced as you adorn one in a graceful blue shade. The sheer quality of Organza becomes a canvas for countless possibilities, and the regal blue tones transform each drape into a masterpiece of understated luxury. Representing the best of both worlds, a blue Organza saree is the perfect blend of contemporary elegance and traditional charm.

Taneira’s range of Organza sarees comes with subtle embellishments that look stunning on the delicate and lightweight fabric. From elaborate threadwork and pearl detailing to sequins work, foil print and zari embroidery, there’s something to suit every taste. The spectrum of blue hues seamlessly complements various colours and types of embellishments. What’s more, blue coloured sarees are ideal for daytime events as well as evening soirées.

World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

Kanjivaram's Timeless Blue Heritage

An all-time favourite, a Kanjivaram saree is an exquisite addition to any wardrobe. The luxurious and lustrous Silk fabric of these sarees is further highlighted in the blue tones. As the saree unfolds, the blue expanse becomes a canvas for intricate zari work that weaves a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Elaborate patterns of gold or silver zari threads dance across the fabric, adding a touch of opulence to the deep blue backdrop.

The borders and pallu of the saree are adorned with elaborate gold or silver zari, often depicting traditional motifs like peacocks, temple designs or floral patterns. The zari weaving on the saree looks captivating as the shades of blue add depth and regality to the overall aesthetic. The versatility of the colour blue makes any Kanjivaram equally suitable for weddings, grand celebrations and cultural evenings.

World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

Chanderi’s Azure Whispers

An indigo Chanderi saree for a corporate event or a glistening sky blue saree for a day wedding – you’re sure to be spoilt for choice as you explore Taneira’s range of blue sarees in Chanderi. The intricate woven details on Chanderi sarees come to life as they are handcrafted on a soothing blue backdrop. Whether you pick a calming pastel shade or a more vibrant royal blue, the minimal embellishments and zari weaves of a Chanderi saree are pure love.

From weddings to cultural celebrations, a blue Chanderi saree effortlessly fits into a range of occasions and settings. For instance, a dark blue Chanderi saree looks royal and is an ideal fit for weddings. A subtle blue Chanderi saree can be worn in professional settings, and one with prominent zari work can be worn for cocktail parties and get-togethers with loved ones.

World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

Poetic Drapes in Blue Bengali Sarees

The diversity and richness of Bengali sarees contribute to an immense and vibrant range of traditional attire. This includes everything from the festive touch of a pure Tussar Bengali saree to the breathable silhouette of a Khadi Cotton Bengali saree. The formal blue sarees at Taneira are complete with woven details like zari and embroidery in contrasting colours like gold and silver. For instance, a plain blue saree adorned with elegant zari work on the pallu is nothing short of visual poetry and resonates with the artistic spirit of Bengal.

World Of Blue Sarees By Taneira

From the regal charm of Banarasi silks to the breezy comfort of Bengali cotton sarees, from the eternal charm of Kanjivarams to the modern sophistication of Organza, there’s a blue saree for every taste and occasion. Taneira presents the perfect blend of craftsmanship and colour with these blue coloured sarees tailored for every chapter of your life. Shop online at or visit a Taneira store in your city for a personalised shopping experience.